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La Vie Boheme

"Hey babe." Angie stood in the doorway of his place, waving a copy of Moulin Rouge in one hand and a bottle of Jaeger in the other. "Ready for me?" She winked one big brown eye at him, and moved past him into the living area.

Chris sighed. Just what he needed. Yet another female to complicate his life. She was just a friend though - they both understood that. She was also married, despite her wishes to the contrary most times. Chris had strict morals about fucking married women, something she had been trying to seduce out of him for years. She had yet to succeed past anything more than a friendly grope or a drunken kiss, but that didn't stop her from doing whatever she could to go further.

The truth was, Chris wanted her - but he wouldn't let his libido compromise his morals. At least that's what he repeated over and over in his head as he caught a whiff of her perfume. She turned around and removed her lightweight trench coat. His eyes almost bugged out of his head, although he tried not to show it. He didn't want to encourage her, especially since they would be watching a romantic movie for the next two and a half hours, in the dark, on the sofa.....

He had to admire her tenacity. She was giving it her all in an effort to get his all. Her normally curly hair was straightened, and pulled to one side, revealing her neck. Her halter-top was hot pink stripes and her skirt was black and short. Her legs were bare and her toenails were painted the softest shade of pink. Once his gaze found its way back up to her eyes, he could tell he wasn't very successful in keeping it together. She giggled softly, and her brown eyes opened wider as did her arms, looking for the customary hug in greeting. Chris leaned forward to take her in his arms, careful not to press against her. His hard on could be perceived as encouragement, and he didn't want to give her the wrong idea.

'The wrong idea?' His little devil popped up on his left shoulder. 'The wrong idea is to let her think you don't want her. Be honest dude.' Chris sighed internally, waiting for the angel to pop up on his other shoulder, as it so often did in these situations. Sure enough, within a moment, he heard the angel's voice 'Will ya nail her already? I'm tired of walking around with a hard on.'

Chris shook his head, silently cursing them out. She slowly backed away from him, and turned to grab the bottle of Jaeger. Every move on her part was calculated and deliberate - he knew this - to ensure he reached maximum hardness. She was going to torture him the best way she knew how - by showing him a body that he was dying to put his hands on, but wouldn't allow himself to touch. She was taunting him - which was only fair, considering he did that to her on a regular basis. While her back was to him, he shoved his hand down his pants in an effort to adjust his package before she turned back. But she just headed towards the general area of the kitchen, swinging her hips just for him. He knelt on the sofa, leaning his arms on the back. He watched her as she reached for two glasses, standing on her toes because she was just a little too short.

As he watched her struggle, Chris chuckled and shook his head. He walked up behind her. "I've got them short stack." He put one hand on her shoulder and reached beyond her with the other. As he grasped the glass, she was very aware of him, how her eyes just lined up with his jaw line, the scent of his cologne. Her shoulder grew warm where he touched it, and her heartbeat quickened. Angie had wanted Chris from the first day they met at work. Of course, at the time, he was with Sophie, and she was, of course, married. But they still had the semi-drunk kisses and gropes when they were at the club - usually initiated by her, but he went along. Over the last few months, her marriage was deteriorating, and Chris and Sophie split. He stopped working for their company, and moved on to one where he got a better salary and benefits. She knew it was best for him, and wished him all the luck, but boy did she miss seeing those blue eyes at every shift.

One night at the bar, she'd had a bit of an emotional breakdown. Chris had taken care of her, and from that night, a friendship had truly grown. She respected him, and genuinely liked him, but occasionally lust won out over all that, and when that happened, she was on her game. She knew he wanted her too - it wasn't just the booze that night. She saw it in his eyes when he looked at her. She tried to fight it when she saw him - she didn't want him to do anything he didn't. But all thoughts of that flew out the window at that moment. Slowly he brought the second glass down, and placed it gently on the counter. But he didn't remove his hand from her shoulder, and he didn't back away. They just stood there for a moment, her breathing shallow and quick, his eyes closed as he willed himself to lose, what was starting to be, an ever-present erection.

Angie didn't want to break the silence, but she knew that if she didn't, it was going to get a little weird. Still, for one more moment, she leaned into him. Just to feel safe.... just to feel.... Her eyes popped open as she discovered his raging hard on. Well, that was something she hadn't counted on feeling. His hand moved from the counter to her hip, just resting there, as she took a deep breath. Her thoughts were interrupted by Chris's voice.

"So," he turned his back to her as he got ice out of the freezer and stood there for a moment, wishing his crotch reached the cool air. Angie adjusted her tits in her shirt, cursing the extra weight that got them this big. Nothing ever seemed to fit right.

"So," she replied, fidgeting with her rings. Why was she so nervous? It's not like anything was going to happen. Oh she tried - but he'd made his feelings quite clear. She wasn't trying to tempt him by dressing that way, really. At least that's what she told herself. She was trying to show him what he was missing, which was basically the same thing. Taking a deep breath, she turned around. He was pouring their drinks. Looking over his shoulder at her, his blue eyes bore a hole right through her. "What are you mixing with?"

She casually waved her hand at him, hoping he wouldn't notice her shaking. "Oh Coke is fine." Truth be told, she wasn't going to be drinking that much. First, she needed to drive home. Second, she just didn't trust herself to be loaded around him anymore. At the club was one thing - but at his house? He handed her the glass, his fingers brushing hers. A jolt of electricity went through her, and she almost dropped it. Noticing this, he took it from her and placed it on the table. "Are you ok? Is your blood sugar low?" Angie hated that she couldn't control her low blood sugar, but was grateful for it in this case. It masked her nervousness. "I've got some snacks in the kitchen. Make yourself comfortable - I'll get them."

Angie sat in the middle of the couch and willed her heart to stop racing. He came back with bowls of party mix and popcorn, and inserted the movie into the DVD player. He sat down to her right, and put his arm along the back of the couch. Angie went to lean into him, and then thought better of it. Instead, she grabbed her drink, held onto it with both hands and tucked her legs up under her. She quickly got lost in the world of La vie Boheme, where artists reigned and poets were born. Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman were brilliant as star-crossed lovers. One determined not to fall in love; the other determined to be together. Christian and Satine...what a love story.

Angie sighed aloud. Chris's eyes went to her, noting how beautiful she looked when she was lost in the magic before her. His hand clenched and unclenched at his side. 'She's married. She's married. She's married.' he repeated to himself at least a hundred times. It didn't help. His body was rebelling against his morals. She scooted over to him, and whispered, as if they were in a movie theatre "I absolutely LOVE this number." On screen was the fabulous Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend/Material Girl combo that Nicole Kidman pulled off so very very well.

Angie started mouthing the words. Chris's eyes followed every movement of her lips, vaguely remembering how they felt under his, wondering how they'd feel around his cock. Realizing that she was a little too close for comfort - she could feel his body heat radiating off him - she stood up to "adjust" her skirt and then sat back down in her original spot. Her heart was racing again, and she wondered if she'd manage to get through the movie without either having a heart attack or heading to his bathroom to get herself off. She was confused. She'd been horny before - obviously. But this, it wasn't just hormones. She felt like she was on a date.

Chris got up to mix another drink. "You ok?" he glanced at her drink, which was still half full. Angie nodded. "I'm good." Heading to the kitchen, he didn't notice as Angie turned her head to watch his ass. Her head snapped back into place and she quietly, slowly and deliberately counted to ten. She couldn't lose control - not now. If she did, there was a true chance that she could lose him, and the thought of that made her physically sick.

She tried to concentrate on the movie, and laughed out loud. Chris came back and sat down, laughing along with her. Then came her favourite part of the movie - Christian's big solo. On screen Ewan opened that beautiful mouth "MY GIFT IS MY SONG...and this one's for you." Angie sighed once again. Who knew that he had that voice in him? Suddenly, she was aware - very aware - of Chris's mouth close to her ear. "And you can tell everybody, this is your song..." Angie decided to play along. When he scooted back to his spot, she waited. A full verse went by with them still in their spots. Angie waited to pick her spot. When her favourite part came up, she was once again at his ear. "So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do. You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're bl..."

Her voice trailed off as Chris turned his blue eyes to her. They just gazed into each other's eyes. As if by unspoken agreement, they both slowly turned back to the TV. Angie didn't bother moving. Instead, she sat where she was, and focused on enjoying her favourite movie. They both laughed through the red room scene, as the main players scrambled in an effort to convince the asshole Duke that they were, indeed, putting on a musical. Angie felt Chris's arm around her shoulder, and tensed for a moment. 'Well,' she asked herself, 'what harm could it do? We're just cuddling.' So she leaned into him, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"Oh, here's our part." Chris's voice broke through her haze. Angie smiled. The Elephant Love Medley often sung out of key while they were drunk at parties. She sat up, so she could get into what her vocal teacher referred to as "good voice". As they bantered back and forth in song, in time with the movie, Angie thought about how the roles should be reversed. She should be singing the part of the eternal romantic, with Chris doing Satine's role - the realist. As they collapsed on the couch in laughter, he pulled her over to him. They resumed their cuddling, occasionally chuckling at the screen. Chris's fingers lazily traced a pattern over her shoulder, and up her neck. Angie shivered at his touch.

"Cold?" Chris asked. She looked up at him and met a wickedly devilish gaze. He knew she wasn't - and he also knew he was driving her crazy. He figured it was only fair. She knew what being this close with him would do. She shook her head and giggled softly. As she settled her head back against his chest, he dropped a kiss on the top of it. Her hand trailed up and down his thigh, causing almost uncontrollable reactions in his pants. With the way she was leaning on him, she could feel them. Her skin trembled under his hand, and he wasn't sure how much longer he could take the high road. He wanted her with every fibre of his being. Suddenly, she sat up. He looked at her in concern.

"Are you ok?" Angie nodded. "Oh yeah, just need to use the bathroom." His eyes followed her every move - she could feel it. As she escaped to the relative safety of the bathroom, Chris put a pillow over his face and screamed. Why did everything about her have to be so HOT? How could he do this? He was insane to even try. Oblivious to the battle that Chris was waging with himself out in the living room, Angie took a couple of deep breaths. She wanted him desperately. She couldn't remember the last time she felt like that. After splashing some cold water on her face and doing a tit adjustment, she sauntered out into the living room, only to be greeted by an empty couch.

"Chris?" she called out. No answer. As she ventured further, she felt him come up behind her. His hands slid up her bare arms. "I'm right here." His voice was low and seductive. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes, as his head bent to her ear. "I want you." She nodded, not trusting herself to speak. His tongue licked her earlobe, and she shivered again. His lips trailed from her ear to her neck, where he took a long bite. Not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to let her know that it was time. He was a lion claiming his mate.

She moaned at the pressure, her hands clenching and unclenching at her sides. His hands moved down her waist to capture hers as he continued his assault on her neck. "Stay still." he whispered as he released her hands, and moved to be in front of her. He captured her face in his palms, and bent to give her the slowest, most romantic, most sensuous kiss she'd ever experienced. His tongue brushed against her lips, and licked at the corners of her mouth. She sighed and her mouth opened to let him in.

Their tongues played off each other like they'd been doing it all their lives. Her hands came up to rest on his chest as she leaned in for more. His fingers trailed down her arms once more, coming around to her back, pulling her closer, and grabbing for her ass. She moaned against his mouth, letting him know that she was all his. He took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom. Suddenly she felt shy, like it was her first time. He held her, and asked "Are you sure you want to do this?" She nodded, unable to speak. He slowly undid the tie on her top, maintaining eye contact with her. She took his cue and began unbuttoning his shirt. As she slid the material off his shoulders, she planted kisses on his pecs, and licked at his nipples. He stood there for a moment, relishing the feel of her lips on his skin. Then he tugged up, and she raised her arms so that her top came off. She unzipped her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor.

Stepping out of it, she was now standing in front of him clad only in her bra and thong. Chris's eyes traveled to the V between her legs and thought his cock would explode. "Angie, I want to taste you." He pushed her lightly back onto the bed and drew her thong down. As he parted her thighs, she tensed up, almost imperceptibly. "Do you not want me to..." "Oh I do. I've, well, you've never seen me like this before. I don't think I measure up..." before she could finish her sentence, he silenced her with a kiss.

"You're beautiful." Tracing her lips with his index finger, he slipped it into her warm hole, causing her to whimper. Inserting another finger, he began working them in and out of her. Her head was thrown back and her heavy breasts were falling out of the bra she was wearing. In one swift move, he removed his fingers, found her front clasp and had the garment off of her. He then bent back to the task at hand.

Parting her lips again, he flicked at her clit with the tip of his tongue, causing her to whimper again. Chris continued concentrating on her clit, while using his fingers to probe her. God she was wet, and she tasted sweet. He dove in, replacing his fingers with his tongue, and sucking all her juices. He could tell she was trying to be quiet, but it wasn't working. She moaned and thrashed about. Chris was torn. He wanted to make her cum, but he desperately wanted to feel her lips around his cock. He knew from conversations she wasn't much for a 69, so there was only one fair thing to do. He stopped eating her, and just waited. As her shudders subsided, he went back to her clit.

Chris tongued her cunt and clit, every millimeter of it, on and on and on, in circulating motion, deep inside, then up to the clit and clit hood. Probing, ticking, circling that tongue about the clitoris, licking up and down the clitoral hood. Not a micrometer escaped his attention. Unhurried, timeless, Chris worked her cunt and clit until she was in a frenzy to cum.

"Chris," she whispered. "Please, please make me cum. I want you to...I mean, I need you to...." He smiled. "As the lady wishes." He moved back to her engorged clit, flicking it ever so lightly. After everything he'd just done to her, that was all it took. She came with a cry and a shudder that would have registered on the Richter scale. Her juices soaked his face and he drank them up like they were a fine wine. He relished in the taste of her, and then sat up. He wiped his mouth with his shirt, and got up to remove his pants. As his erection sprang free from his briefs, he sighed in relief. Angie stared at it in awe. Never had she dreamed that it would be that big.

She fell to her knees, and took him in hand. She needed no encouragement from him. This was something she'd wanted to do since she met him. She gobbled as much of him as she could, and began bobbing up and down, slowly at first. It popped out of her mouth, and she dipped her head to lick at the base, and tickle his balls with her lips. He resisted he urge to grab the back of her head and ram himself down her throat. Angie thought she’d died. She had such a surreal feeling. His cock was huge and hard, and she was enjoying it. It was a wonderful sensation, his smooth, hard flesh in her mouth, throbbing hot and needy.

Chris groaned. If she kept it up, he wouldn't last long enough to have her. He looked down at her red hair bobbing on his knob, and smiled. And then groaned again as she managed to deep throat him. He had to stop her. He grasped her arms, and brought her to her feet. His hand stroked her hair, and he kissed her once again. Without words, he reached into his nightstand and pulled out a condom. She took it from him, ripped open the packaging with her teeth, and rolled it over his throbbing member. The feeling of the latex on her fingers as she slid it down the shaft of his sex only served to increase her longing for the moments to come.

Gently, he laid her back on the bed, positioning himself between her thighs. She shivered in anticipation, as he guided himself towards her pussy, his head just barely entering her, before withdrawing with an evil grin. Her eyes widened as he continued to tease her. "Stop being so mean." she groaned as he did it a fourth time. He bent down and took her left nipple in his mouth. She felt the abrasion of his tongue and bit her bottom lip to keep from crying out. He continued to suckle her breast while still teasing her with his cock. He felt her shudder and realized that she hadn't been lying. One time he had asked her about foreplay on her breasts and she had mentioned that it was almost orgasmic. Well, scratch almost - it was orgasmic.

Licking his lips, and with a small smile, he withdrew from her chest, and after pausing a moment to steady himself, he plunged into her waiting body. She arched her back in pleasure, and he reveled in the moment of contact. She was wrapped tightly around him, so hot and wet. Her hands clutched at the sheets as he entered her again and again, her eyes wide in passion. His cock buried deep into her with each thrust. Her legs locked around his hips, encouraging him to go deeper, even though he was as far in as he could go.

As they rocked against each other’s bodies, locked in a frantic rhythm, she spasmed again, letting Chris know that she'd cum, for a third, possibly fourth time. His male ego was getting as good a stroking as his cock was.

Angie was feeling the strain in her splayed thighs, but didn't care. She was orbiting the Earth, and never wanted to come back down. Four orgasms and Chris was showing no signs of quitting. A dreamy smile played at her lips. Chris paused. “Angie? Are you sure you’re ok?” She shook her head. “No but give me a second and I will be.” Reluctantly breaking their union, she all but dragged him into the spot she just vacated. Leaning forward over his body, she kissed him deeply.

“Now it’s my turn to love you.” She whispered mischievously. Positioning herself over him, she slowly, agonizingly sank down onto his hard on, which miraculously, was still at full raging force. Chris’s breath came in gasps. She was torturing him again, and thoroughly enjoying it. Her warmth seeped through his latex covering, causing him to growl deep in his throat. She took her time, as if pacing herself to a tune only she could hear. She clenched her muscles around his rod, milking him as she rode. Her hands were braced on his chest, her beautiful breasts moving with her momentum, unencumbered by her bra.

As Angie slid up and down his shaft, Chris watched her face. She nibbled on her bottom lip, causing it to swell, and every so often, her tongue would escape to moisten her lips. His hands rose to play with her tits. His fingers pinched and rolled her nipples as she fought against the waves of pleasure coursing through her. Her rhythm increased, her pussy getting wetter with every stroke. She was building towards a mind blowing orgasm, and she could feel by the tension in Chris's body that he wouldn't be far behind.

"I want to cum in you." His voice was barely audible over Angie's pulse pounding in her ears. She hesitated. It was the ultimate sign of trust for her - her husband was barely allowed to. She looked into his eyes, and in that instant, knew she trusted him more than she'd ever trusted another person. She nodded, and slid off him. She removed the condom, and was about to hop back on, when he stopped her.

"Hold it." He moved in behind her, sliding his hands over her breasts and bending her slightly at the waist. His cock slipped into her quite easily and he began pumping in and out of her soaked pussy. Angie could feel her control slipping away from her. Her legs almost buckled under the enormous wave of pleasure that hit her, and behind her, she felt Chris grasp her hips and give one final thrust before emptying himself into her.

They both collapsed on the bed. Chris crawled to the pillows and lay there gasping. Angie kept to the end of the bed, her elbows on her knees, his cum mingled with hers and leaking down her thighs. She gazed at him through lidded eyes. Would this change them?

He gestured for her to lay next to him. She crawled to him trepidaciously, and laid her head on his chest. His arms encircled her, despite the heat, despite the sweat. "Stay with me." he whispered.

And Angie didn't have it in her to refuse. As they both drifted to sleep, she whispered, "I love you." And she knew she was in trouble.

©Miz Angell 2007

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