Thursday, July 26, 2007

Five minute Fantasy

I'm on security patrol up on the lawns of a Sisters of Mercy concert. The lawns are closed due to lack of sales, but I still have to make sure that no one climbs the fence illegally. As I'm peering beyond the fence into the shadows, I get a call on the radio.

"Roam team A, what's your 20?" It's my supervisor.

"Up on the lawns, southeast corner by the stairs." I respond post haste as I don't allow myself to dwell on the way his voice makes me wet, the way the thought of him makes me throb. Suddenly I'm overcome with lust and need to do something about it.

Furtive glances tell me that no one is around, and the nearest guard is a hundred yards away at the bottom of the hill. Hurriedly, I unzip the front of my pants, thankful for once that I bought them two sizes too big. With no underwear to impede me - I had found that they just chafe when walking around for five hours - my hand slips down to my clit, which is distended, standing at attention, begging to be touched.

With no patience for gentle touches, I attack it with my middle finger, sinking to sit on the steps below me, legs splayed like a whore. I moan as quietly as I can, as waves of pleasure wash over me, even though I'm nowhere close to coming. I can feel the wetness pooling at the base of my spine, and I slowly insert two fingers into my pussy. They slide in with no problem, and a squishing sound that normally makes me smile. But no smiles for that today, as the penetration feels incredible and my other hand moves to take over at my clit.

My fingers pinch and roll it, rubbing my lips together around my fingers.

"Well, this is a sight."

My hands come out of my pants, and my head whips to the side. My supervisor is standing there, an amused grin on his face, lust in his blue eyes and a rod in his pants. He glances down at my pussy, which is visible through the opening of my too large pants.

He moves in front of me, and I make a fumbled attempt to cover up. "Don't." he tells me.

Without another word, he unzips and pulls his hard on out of his pants. I'm amazed at the girth of it, and from the rumors I'd heard, he knows how to use it too. He jacks it a few times for effect, and it works. My breasts are heaving, my breath in short spurts and I'm dying to be fucked.

He helps me to my feet, turns me around and whips my pants down to my ankles. Bending me over the railing, he has no problem slipping his cock inside me. To the sounds of "Cry Little Sister", he slams into me. My fingers return to my clit, which is so sensitive at this time, it only needs a few little strokes and circles on the bud to cause me to cry out. My pussy muscles clamp around his dick, and cause more friction.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. Biting my neck, he whispers "Damn woman. You want me to come too soon?" I moan out loud as his hand comes around to my breasts and slips under my bra. His agile fingers find my nipple and squeeze and twist. I cry out again, moaning his name.

His manic thrusting continues, with my orgasm barely fading. Suddenly, the radio crackles to life.

"Roam Team C, what's your 20?"

"Lawns, southeast corner on the stairs." he replies. I look at him in shock. What the fuck? Does he WANT to get caught?

"Roger that. On my way to see you."

"Fuck. What are you doing? Do you want people to see us fucking?"

He grins, and shoves into me harder, causing another cry to come from the back of my throat. I bury my face in my arms and bite my lip to keep from being louder.

My hips thrust backwards, anxious to get it over with if only to NOT get busted by someone who signs the paychecks.

I've come about four times, when he suddenly pulls out. When I turn around, his hand hits my shoulder and forces me to my knees. He sticks his throbbing cock in my face. It's purple and looks like it's ready to explode.

"Suck it." It's not a question, it's a command, and I'm on the clock. That means I do what my supervisor tells me to do. My mouth opens and he sticks it in. He grabs either side of my head and starts fucking my face.

My cheeks cave in with pressure, and my hand reaches up to cup his balls. As I give them a gentle squeeze, he groans and throws his head back. I can feel his come hit the back of my throat and I start swallowing, barely able to keep up.

We hear a rustling at the top of the hill and both dress in haste. As two heads appear at the stairway, we pretend like we've been chasing a jumper.

How else would you explain us being out of breath and flushed?