Friday, April 30, 2010


I have a new WIP - one that, if I can break through this block of mine, will be a great accomplishment.  In my mind anyway. 

But I am seriously blocked.  And I have no idea why.  Maybe because I'm rushing it.  Or maybe because I've never written anything like this before, although in reality, it's not so different from what I'm used to writing.  The only difference is the length.  I'm almost 3000 words into it, and yet still haven't hit the sexual...well, anything..yet.

I'm invested in the characters, so much that I see them in my mind.  I thought it might be a problem of too much visualizing, but once they come to life, it's hard to turn it off.

I can see the scene in my mind - hell, I can feel it between my thighs.  LOL.  But for some reason, the words just won't hit the screen.  I wish I knew why this was.

I'm wondering if I should try to actually *gasp* put pen to paper and write this out, it might help. 

Anyone else have any ideas?  How do you get through your blocks?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a brief note...

Hey hoochies, hotties, and heaux.

For all those that expressed an interest in Kinkyville - THANK YOU.  I can’t tell you how much your support means to me, well, to all of us involved.

I’m getting all prepped to go back to school.  It’s scary and exciting at the same time, and I can’t wait to start.  Of course, it might cut into my writing time * roll eyes *.  I’ve got about ten WIP’s going, and another ten outlines in my head or in my notebook.  Trouble is, it’s tough to concentrate on just one, especially when your characters want to jump ship to other works.

But I finished one recently, which, although seemingly simple, took me FOREVER to write.  It’s not too smutty, not too raunchy.  But just right. :D

I do keep getting one question repeatedly over and over again - is my writing inspired by reality?   The answer is yes.  But it’s a rare piece that is inspired by any one particular person.  And NONE of the incidents are completely real, and the real parts, might not even have happened to me.

So y’all are safe….for the most part.  * wink *

Stay tuned.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Everyone's getting Kinky...


We are now live on EIGHT sites kids.

That's right.

The wonderful Sommer Marsden has used her powers of persuasion, amazing sales techniques AND her incredible feminine wiles and gotten us on the lists at




as well as the six sites listed here!!

PS - in hommage to my wonderful pal Alison Tyler, this adorable necklace by qacreate.


here I sit
his eyes
devouring you
with every blink of those long lashes
his lips
desiring to kiss you with every word

my breath catching in my throat
as I felt the connection
the heat
leaping off your bodies,
in an invisible shower of sparks

and there I sat
wishing to be between you,
to be with you,
heat and passion consuming all of us,

and there I sat,
longing to be burned
by you both

©Miz Angell 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Head Bitch In Charge

Another flash for Ms. A.Tyler. This contest was sponsored by Metal Taboo, one of the sexiest jewelery makers over on etsy. If you haven't checked them out, what are you waiting for? Go over there now. You know how to get back here - this can wait.

*Jeopardy theme*

You're back? Cool! So let me know what you think. I wrote it at work, which might have been a mistake.....


The Expert

“Brenda Jones.” Dani’s eyes scanned the card she was handed. Then her gaze took inventory of the woman in front of her, noting the Jimmy Choos, the Dolce suit, the Tiffany earrings.

“So. You’re the efficiency expert.” Her tone was dripping with disdain, but her back was up. This was Dani’s turf. She’d been the only woman in upper management for five years. And she wasn’t giving that up without a fight. Unfortunately, her cool demeanor wasn’t rattled. Dani tried again.

“Is it B.J. for short?” She almost snickered. Still no response. Her icy fa├žade was getting Dani wet. She despised weakness. Brenda was showing none; unlike the spineless men she had working under her. Dani jerked her head towards the lift. “Let’s go down.” Finally B.J.’s eyes sparkled at the double entendre. Dani’s pussy twitched, her nipples hardened. “Meet the inefficient mooks you’ll be rating.”

They got in the elevator, Dani’s juices soaking her thong. She pushed the button for their destination, twenty-five floors below. Her clit throbbed. Brenda spoke.

“I’ll be rating your efficiency too.” Dani turned, finding a heated gaze pointed at her crotch. In one fluid movement, Dani was against the wall, Brenda’s face under her skirt. “Like how quickly you get off before we have to. Those initials on my card? H.B.I.C?” She inserted two fingers into her dripping snatch, her tongue on her clit. Dani moaned loudly, as Brenda flicked her clit and thrust into her hard.

“I’m the head bitch in charge.”


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pimpin' ain't easy...that's why I'm GIVING it away

And by pimping I mean self ... promotion.  I've never really had to do this before so I'm new - I hope there's a learning curve.

In order to promote the wonderful anthology Kinkyville, I am giving away five free pdf files to the first readers who contact me.  The catch?  A review up on any of the sites where Kinkyville can be found, and then drop me a comment here or an email with a link to the review so that we all know if you liked it or not.

PSST - trust me, you're gonna like it. *wink*

Kinkyville (and it's older by three minutes sister Dirtyville) can be found LIVE and available for a low, low cost at ...




Spastic Girl Press

Book Strand

AND you can purchase a double helping of erotica - both Dirtyville and Kinkyville in one volume - at a reduced rate EXCLUSIVELY at 1RomanceEbooks.

So what the hell are you waiting for?  Five copies up for grabs, right here, right now.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wasted away again in KINKYVILLE....

And you can bet I've got my margaritas! Hey all my hoochies, hotties and heaux!

I've got some incredible news. A short time ago, an open call was made for short dirty tales of small town smut. I am dead chuffed to announce that my short Saturday Night is included in Sommer Marsden's e-anthology KINKYVILLE - 13 More Tales of Small Town Naughty!

Currently, it's available on Smashwords and I'm in brilliant company with some of my idols. Check out this sexy line up.

Alison Tyler
Shanna Germain
Scarlett Greyson
Benjamin Eliot
May Deva
Charlotte Stein
Parker Ford
Lux Zakari
DL King
Rita Winchester
J.D. Waters

and of course our editor AND contributing writer Sommer Marsden herself.

Look for us to go live on Kindle and 1Eroticaebooks soon! And of course, while you're picking up your copy to steam up your e-reader, check out the original inspiration for this anthology - DIRTYVILLE - 13 Tales of Small Town Naughty, with it's own killer stories.

So what are you waiting for? Go get 'em. And then come on back and tell me what you think. :D

MWAHS all around kids!!

In dreams....

I’m dreaming of you.

But you knew that already, didn’t you.

Before we met, before I even saw you, somehow you knew that you’d have this affect on me. And then you took one look in my eyes, and seared yourself into my subconscious.

We chatted and smiled, and all the while, your gaze trickled over me, stroking me as if your hands had reached over the table and slipped beneath my bra. 

My nipples hardened and I wanted desperately to feel your hands on them.  To feel you pinch them, twist them, lick them.

Your tongue took on a life of its own as we spoke.  I watched it with every word that fell from your lips.  I felt it between my thighs, its tip flicking my clit, the length entering me, fucking me as thoroughly as your cock.  I was sure you could smell my hormones, feel my wetness, hear my heart beating and taste the desire in my blood.

But you just kept smiling, and talking, all the while hypnotizing me with your voice, your stare, your energy.

I would have been easy to take.  The right word, the right move.

One kiss.

The urge to drag you off to any of the rooms along the corridor was overwhelming, and yet I sat, behaving, while my inner whore begged to come out to play.  You could have bent me over the table, pulled up my skirt, and had me in every way you desired.  And I would have screamed, and cried, and begged for more.

But you just kept smiling, and talking, all the while fucking me with your voice, your stare, your mind.

I’ll dream of you tonight.

But you already know that.

Don’t you?