Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wasted away again in KINKYVILLE....

And you can bet I've got my margaritas! Hey all my hoochies, hotties and heaux!

I've got some incredible news. A short time ago, an open call was made for short dirty tales of small town smut. I am dead chuffed to announce that my short Saturday Night is included in Sommer Marsden's e-anthology KINKYVILLE - 13 More Tales of Small Town Naughty!

Currently, it's available on Smashwords and I'm in brilliant company with some of my idols. Check out this sexy line up.

Alison Tyler
Shanna Germain
Scarlett Greyson
Benjamin Eliot
May Deva
Charlotte Stein
Parker Ford
Lux Zakari
DL King
Rita Winchester
J.D. Waters

and of course our editor AND contributing writer Sommer Marsden herself.

Look for us to go live on Kindle and 1Eroticaebooks soon! And of course, while you're picking up your copy to steam up your e-reader, check out the original inspiration for this anthology - DIRTYVILLE - 13 Tales of Small Town Naughty, with it's own killer stories.

So what are you waiting for? Go get 'em. And then come on back and tell me what you think. :D

MWAHS all around kids!!

2 horny thoughts:

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Congratulations! *\o/*

Darth Bismarck said...

I'm sure you know far too well by this point that I won't be amongst your readers - my amoebic sensibilities remain intact.

However, I feel myself compelled to say this for the record: damn you vile woman! That's how many times you've been published, against my two sole poems? (Despite the fact that both have been honoured in national competition, of course.)

But in all seriousness, I must give congratulations. It's truly wonderful to see other people in the world with a love for the written word. That, and I still have my ace in the hole - as soon as I can get around bills and such to pay for the publishing, of course. I will still beat you to a novel, Angell!