Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Intimate and Interactive....

Up here in Canada, we have a vast wealth of musical talent. The trouble is, most of it isn't always recognized by our neighbours to the South. Yep, I'm pointing at you United States. The ones that do get recognized in a big way aren't necessarily our most talented, and not even close to being the best we have to offer. They're just the ones that have a gimmick, or a connection somewhere in the American music industry.

Some examples of Canadian musicians/singers/rappers that have made it big south of the border are Drake (ick), Nickleback (but with a horrid reputation now), RUSH (that took FOREVER), Avril Lavigne (that's another paragraph altogether), Justin Bieber (or however you spell his name - yes I care THAT much), Hedley (well deserved) - that's just to name a few.

But for every act that manages to make it through to the US charts, there are at least ten who don't. They might hit the airwaves once in awhile, but only in border towns like Detroit, Buffalo, etc.

One prime example of this is the gentleman I went to see last night. His sweet, sultry tones first hit my ears back in 1988 with the song Five Long Years. His name is Colin James. And he isn't just an amazing singer and musician - this man is HOT to boot.

Now, I could post all his stats here - but instead I'll link to his Wiki page for you to puruse at your convenience. I figured I'd post this picture instead.

For my Styx chyx - doesn't he resemble a certain bass player that has taken his leave of the band? Anyway, I won tickets to a live taping for CMT last night - only about 100 people. We filmed on the roof of the Corus building. What a view!

I neeeeeed to get me a job THERE. Anyway, the rest of the pictures are on the camera, so they're not uploaded yet.

The last time I saw Colin in concert was about five years ago, and I was doing security for the Waterfront Festival. Well, he has improved with age. I honestly don't know what to say about him, or the show, or the music. I'm currently a bundle of babble on this topic. I know that when the show airs, and you see me, chances are I'm either taking a picture or trying to figure out my damn camera. LOL.

I know I say this a lot, but truthfully, the man is sex personified. The combination of his silky voice, with the way he plays that guitar, and the killer smile which knocks me on my ass had me needing a) a cold shower b) a change of underwear and c) a really good session with my vibrator.

I spent a lot of time envisioning what I would do with that man if ever given the chance. And then I decided I was going to write about it. But I couldn't develop the right angle. Which made me think of A Little Night Music by my amazingly talented friend Sarah Dale.

So, since I don't need to be too eloquent to pimp her out, I figured it would be easier than attempting to articulate exactly what was going through my mind (and my groin) last night. It was mostly just sounds anyway - something along the lines of hummina hummina hummina nom nom nom whooooa baby.

This book is every music fans fantasy. It is everything you ever dream about when you think of your favourite singer/guitarist/drummer/etc etc etc.

Here's a review from

Music for My Soul

This is one fantastic read from beginning to end.

Every girl who has ever crushed on a musician will not only relate to the character of Hannah (I was able to see myself in her), they'll be able to appreciate her growth and the obstacles to overcome.

And Nate - wow. He's every rock star that's ever existed. So well written, he could be any number of crushes that have existed in the history of rock and roll.

When these two characters come together, the intensity and heat between them jumps right off the pages. But it's not just sexual. There's an internal chemistry, a true understanding between them that transcends the physical.

The background research is extensive and really delves into what life on the road is like for musicians. While I would classify this as erotica, I would recommend it to those who aren't into the genre.

An awesome story, and a must read (and must own). 

I happen to know that the cover is being re-vamped and it is going to look GORGEOUS. But in the mean time, pick this one up for your collection.

Along the same lines, but yet so different, is Olivia Cunning's Backstage Pass. Here's a review from that one.

Backstage Pass ROCKED my world!
Backstage Pass was so much more than your typical erotica romance book. Backstage Pass had a lot of great banter, humor, romance, music and obviously plenty of hot sex scenes. Olivia Cunning was able to encompass everything that I imagined to happen while on tour with a famous rock band. In real life, Cunning is a huge rock music fan and it shows in her writing. I was really impressed with her knowledge of music, instruments and song writing. Excuse my pun but Backstage Pass totally ROCKED and if you're wanting a fun, exciting and hot read then you'll have to add this to the top of your to be read list.

So there you go. If you combine both these books, you'll know EXACTLY what was going through my mind last night. It would be giving a WHOLE NEW MEANING  to Intimate and Interactive. And poor Mr. James didn't have a clue. Probably a good thing.

I don't need another restraining order.  LOL.

On that note, I leave you with this song that makes my knees turn to jelly and does gooey things to my insides. The song that started it all way back when (this is a live version from last year, so it's almost as good as last nights):

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Naughty Number 69

Isn't it beautiful? The lovely editors at Harlequin Spice have done it again. An amazing cover to go with an amazing line-up of writers (and me). It's currently available on Kindle for those with one, or with the app for iPhone/iPad etc. etc. etc. My story - Naked Lunch - appears alongside the wonderful authors below.

Countdown by Violet Blue
The Kitchen Kink by Alison Tyler
Hare Coursing by Janine Ashbless
Pulse by Vida Bailey
Speed Mating by Sophia Valenti
Permission by Justine Elyot
Star Fucker by John Albert
The Redi-Wash by Jax Baynard
Selections from a Bedroom Closet by Thomas S. Roche
Dress Rehearsal by Sommer Marsden
Good Cop, Bad Cop (a story) by Kristina Lloyd
Come at Six by Portia Da Costa
Plus One by Nikki Magennis
I Dare You by Emma Hillman
Two Ways by Dante Davidson
Manners by Georgia E. Jones
Another Country Heard From by Eric Williams
Frosted Kisses by Vida Bailey
Summoned by Raziel Moore
His by Charlotte Stein
Talk to the Hand by Allison Wonderland
Three Days by Cate Robertson
Reclamation by Willsin Rowe
Open by Donna George Storey
Frozen by Aisling Weaver
The Welcome Wagon by Sophia Valenti
Hot Cross Buns by Shanna Germain
Granny Panties by Sommer Marsden
Touchless by Alison Tyler
Cast Party by Jeremy Edwards
Fall Back by N.T. Morley
Love, Honor and Obey by Janine Ashbless
Permissive by Justine Elyot
Hot in the City by Saskia Walker
Add It Up by Nikki Magennis
Crossed by Dante Davidson
The Funeral by Georgia E. Jones
Floating in Blue by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Suite Surprise by Cate Robertson
Shoulders by Donna George Storey
Saturday by Willsin Rowe
Based on a True Story by Kristina Lloyd
The Barest Offering by Aisling Weaver
Hers by Charlotte Stein
Translation by Sommer Marsden
Dessert by Sophia Valenti
Skill by Aisling Weaver
Attic Moment by Janine Ashbless
Satisfied Customers by Ashley Lister
Closing Distance by Raziel Moore
Friends in Need by Saskia Walker
Homecoming by Willsin Rowe
The Long Afternoon by N.T. Morley
Naked Lunch by Angell Brooks
Just a Kiss Away by Thomas S. Roche
Goes by Sommer Marsden
Waking the Neighbors by Heidi Champa
Ours by Charlotte Stein
Mathematics by Nikki Magennis
Laplanders by Jeremy Edwards
Slave Market in Monochrome by Kristina Lloyd
In the Cold with You by Victoria Janssen
Listen by Emma Hillman
Come at Nine by Portia Da Costa
The Eskimo Game by Donna George Storey
Reflection by Saskia Walker
Permitted by Justine Elyot
Never Alone by Alison Tyler
Every Dollar by N.T. Morley
A is for Anal, Z is for Zenith by Shanna Germain
How Early? By Thomas Roche

It never ceases to amaze me how I wind up in such amazing company. If you haven't already visited these wonderful people (most of whom are in my sidebar), please take the time to check them out. I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed.

And when you buy, and like what you read, please drop a review on Amazon for us. It's a wonderful thing to read that people appreciate what we write.

Love to all my hotties & heaux!

PS - thanks to the Bond-man. He knows why. *wink*