Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Isn't that YUM?

Ok, but seriously, I'm not sure where the saying came from, but it always makes me hungry.

In this case, however, we're not giving away chicken.

I realize I've been delayed, but unfortunately for me, my immune system isn't rock solid and therefore a lovely allergy attack had knocked me on my ass. But I'm here now, and taking care of some unfinished business.

First - thank you to all who toured with us and donated to Sommer Marsden. When the donations finally closed, £911 had been raised. Which is roughly, $1495 US!!! So WTG guys!

We have a winner from my Snogs for Sommer tour. My lovely assistant - her name is Aryia - chose a name from the four (yes Victoria I included yours) names that were kind enough to leave me a comment.

For those wondering about my lovely assistant, this is her.

And how she helped me choose was a rather different method. I just wrote everyone's names down on four slips of paper, and let her play with them for a bit. And whichever one had a readable name would win.

And the winner of a copy of Morning, Noon and Night, as well as an adorable make-up case with things to keep your lips in pucker form is.....*drum roll courtesy of Neil Pert*


Lovely one, please contact me with your name and mailing address so I can get your prize out to you immediately.

To everyone, y'all rock my socks off - and since Sommer and I both love our socks, it's a good thing, and not easy to do. I'm truly touched to be part of such an amazing community.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Snogging for Sommer - no seriously...

Howdy to all my hotties and heaux!

Lately, you've all been reading a lot about our lovely lady Sommer Marsden and what she's going through. Well, unfortunately for Sommer and her family, it's not over.

Fortunately for us though, that means plenty of creative ways to help her out! And as a community, we're an endless fountain of ideas!

Today we are snogging for Sommer. Now, for those of us who live on this side of the Atlantic Ocean and are not Brit-o-philes, what, exactly, is snogging?

Well, according to the online Oxford Dictionary, it is defined as:
     v. to kiss and cuddle amorously

Damn! I'm totally down with that! And so are the 58 (as of this writing) authors who have put up a "snogging" excerpt from either a work in progress, or an already published work. For a full line up, check out the Smut for Good website page here. There's also a button where you can donate to help Sommer, as well as a link to order all of her wonderfully smutty, incredibly well written and amazingly heartfelt books.

Most of those wonderful authors also have giveaways happening, and yours truly is no exception. Now, y'all know I love kisses, and kissing. And I'm OBSESSED with lip balm, and lip gloss, and just about anything that keeps these lovely lips in kissable condition.

SO, with that being said, I am offering up, as a prize to one lucky commenter - either here or on twitter (#SnogforSommer)  cuz I still don't know how those other prize helicopter thingy's work - a lovely little prize pack containing a copy of Morning, Noon and Night, which contains my story Test Drive, and an adorable make-up bag with a few things to keep your lips in their perfect pucker,

So read, comment, share it with your friends, and their friends, and so-on and so-on. Until everyone knows how to snog.

Today's snog is from a (started REALLY long ago buts still working on) current untitled work-in-progress. Hope you enjoy. 


‘To hell with it,’ Shari thought, and put her bottle on the desk. She faced the boys, and kicking off her shoes, undid the final buttons on her blouse, letting it fall off her shoulders to the ground. Gabe practically licked his lips, and Jude just stared. Cocking an eyebrow, she slid her jeans to the floor, delicately stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

She stood in front of them, covered only in a lacy white bra and thong set. She took her beer, sauntered over to the king sized bed, and arranged herself against the headboard. She gestured to the two of them. “Next.” Gabe stood, pulling his sweatshirt over his head. He undid his pants and almost fell over getting out of themClad in only his underwear, he climbed onto the bed, got in behind Shari, and the both of them gazed at Jude.

“Your turn pal.” Jude was a little more careful with his clothing, slowly unbuttoning his black shirt. He took his time, knowing that Shari liked that. Gabe had started rubbing her shoulders, but her eyes never left him. He left his shirt hanging open while he got out of his pants, which he carefully folded and left over the lone chair. Turning back, he unbuttoned his cuffs.

“Wait.” Shari’s voice was breathless. “Leave it on.” She handed Gabe her beer, and crawled across the bed to where Jude stood. Her hands ran up and down his chest, and she rose up on her knees to take his face in her hands. She nipped at his lower lip, tracing it with her tongue and kissing him full force.

His hands reached around and grasped her ass, pulling her into his chest as he savoured her lips for the first time that night. She moaned and pushed her tongue further into his mouth. His hands came up to tangle in her hair, pulling her head back sharply and sinking his teeth into her neck. As he marked her, he made eye contact with Gabe.

Gabe nodded, understanding immediately. He was claiming ownership.  And Gabe had no problem with that. Setting the bottles down, he came up behind her, undoing her bra with a snap of his fingers. He knelt behind her, reaching around to cup her tits, and finally touch those sensitive nipples. Crushing her between them, he began kissing her shoulders.

Shari gasped. She could feel Gabe’s hard on pressing into her ass, and Jude’s was rubbing against her pussy. Her head was spinning with lust and booze and hormones. Hands were everywhere, pinching, kneading, caressing.

She pushed away from the two of them. “Hold on.” Her breath came in gasps as she got off the bed. Her bra straps slid down her shoulders, and she gazed coyly over her shoulder before letting it fall to the floor with the rest of her clothing. She stood with her hands on her hips. “Now boys. This is how it’s going to start. Tonight, I’ve heard some very interesting things, and I’ve seen some very interesting…. dynamics.” Her tone was playful and she licked her lips. “So, seeing as how I didn’t know you guys when this all occurred, and with all that talk earlier getting me so wet, I want a replay.  I want to see if Gabe really CAN teach me a thing or two about giving a blow job.”

Gabe and Jude looked at each other. “Is she serious?” Gabe asked. Shari laughed, the sound throaty and lust filled. Placing a hand on the back of both their necks, she pulled their faces into hers. “I’m.” She kissed Gabe deeply and thoroughly. “Very.” Turning her head, she did the same to Jude. “Serious.” Pushing their heads together, she waited.

Gabe could see the hesitation in Jude’s eyes and knew that they’d never get through this if he didn’t initiate. He leaned in further, pressing his lips to Jude’s. His face was a stone statue at first, but then his eyes closed, and his lips became pliant and soft. Gabe’s tongue slid through Jude’s mouth like silk. Jude responded by grabbing his head in both hands, attacking the other man’s mouth with a fervor that confirmed years of pent up frustration. Slowly, Shari backed away, climbing onto the bed with wide eyes, and a wider smile.  


©Miz Angell 2010

PS - I don't own either of those sexy images above. I just found them online. But the top one is pretty fucking hot, huh?