Friday, January 22, 2010

Men should really READ

I'm a writer. It's what I do. No surprise here right?

So, why is it that a man can't figure out that the perfect way to seduce me, is to read what I've written.

Seriously. Pay attention to my stories. Half the time, the main characters are based on me in some form or another. I know it's not always advisable and usually frowned upon in fiction, because then the characters are limited. You say "Well, I'd never do that." With me, it's a little different. There isn't much I wouldn't consider doing, so each main heroine always contains a little bit of me. Whether it's my mannerisms, or my look, or my voice, I'm in there.

And so are all the clues to a perfect seduction.

When I describe a characters wardrobe, chances are it's an outfit I own, or something I've dreamt about owning. And, chances are, the reaction that she gets from her object of affection is the reaction I'd be going for if I was to wear it for you. So if I dress my character in black with a collar, leather wrist cuff and heavy eye makeup, and I write the male's reaction as hard kisses, pulling hair and rough, crazy sex – GUESS WHAT? That's what I want from you when I show up in that outfit. I want you to be rough with me – choke me with your tongue when you kiss me, pull my hair hard, bite my neck. And when you get me naked, slap my ass, slam your cock into me and make me scream in pain and pleasure. No need to hold me, no need for pleasantries. Call me slut, whore, order me to beg for mercy.

On the other hand, the opposite is true too. If I show up to a "date" wearing softer make up (except heavy mascara – always big on the mascara – I LOVE my eyelashes), a chain around my neck and a shirt that leaves my neck and shoulders bare, I'm looking for moonlight and roses, in a manner of speaking. That's when I want soft kisses, caresses, beautiful words and strong arms to hold me. I want you to explore my body, tell me how much I turn you on, tell me you've been dreaming about me, about this moment. I want to shiver when you plant light kisses on the back of my neck, run your fingers down my bare shoulders, cause me to tingle all over. Take your time as you nuzzle my cheek, kiss every inch of skin you can find, stroke my hair, gently pull me in for kisses that turn me inside out and backwards. Trace my mouth with the tip of your tongue, use your fingertips to explore my cheeks, my hairline, before pressing a kiss into my collar bone.

In my stories, or my articles, or my letters – whatever I write – there are hints on what to say, how to say it, and what to look for. If I appear hesitant, by doing your homework, you can tell I'm nervous, even if I don't show it outwardly. A lot of the conversations I have with the men in the stories are ones I wish I could have in real life. Sometimes, when my characters speak, and it's flowery and pretty speeches, it's something that I want to hear, would LOVE to hear.

Pay attention to the settings. If I write about an encounter outdoors, chances are it's doable in the spring and summer months. If I write about a particular place, bring me there. If there's music in the background, what songs are playing? I'll usually name them, or at least the band. My stories come right out of my head, my desires, my needs. It's a recipe if you will, and if you take the time to learn the ingredients, any way you put them together will be a success.

Oh yeah, and you'll be guaranteed to get laid.