Friday, June 12, 2009

a flash of kink....

Ok, this is definately an idea I need to (and WILL) expand on. I credit the inspiration for it to JD Robb and her In Death series (I don't know how happy she would be to hear that LOL). I am currently reading Portrait in Death and while the books are not obviously sexual (unless you count the scenes between Eve & Roarke), if you're in the frame of mind I'm often can find sex in just about every one of them.

Ms. Tyler wanted something kinky and I tried to give her something different from the norm. I hope I succeeded.


Puppet on A String

What had I agreed to?

Giant pulleys were everywhere, attached to a leather harness by wires. I was in that harness. Leather encircled my wrists, head, neck, torso, ankles. Otherwise, I was naked.

I stood there, waiting. He sat across from me, naked as well. His cock stood at full attention, adorned with a thick black ring. His one hand toyed with a group of wooden handles, the other, with his erection.

“Ready?” No time to speak as he yanked on a few handles. I flew into the air, suddenly horizontal, my head above his penis. He slowly released one handle, and I was lowered enough that I could take him in my mouth. I felt my head jerk upwards and realized that a wire was attached to the strap around my head. With constant pulling and releasing, he was orchestrating his own blowjob. I was helpless, and knowing that, my pussy was instantly wet.

When he thought I’d had my fill of him, he maneuvered me into an upright position, using the pulleys to spread my legs. My arousal was evidenced by the sheen on my inside thighs. Positioning himself under me, he lowered me onto his prick.

No words were spoken, but I gasped as his length penetrated me. He moved me up and down his shaft, controlling the speed, and the force, watching my face as he controlled me. I could do nothing, but give in to the absolute pleasure and enjoy being his puppet.

©Miz Angell (06.12.09)

Alison's birthday????

Ok, I'm a bit behind on everything these days, but I had no idea how far until I visited my good friend Dayle's blog, and noticed that today we are celebrating a special birthday (we're not exactly sure WHAT day it is, but they in the blog-o-sphere have decided to break out the cake & champagne today). I figured I'd jump on board the bday train for a woman who changed my life.

So....*A-HEM* on this day mumble...mumble years ago, a new life was brought forth to us.

A baby girl, who would later on in life alter the face of written erotica as it was known. She would go on to coin several phrases, and would forever change the meaning of the word Trollop.

She is many things to many people. A giant ball of contradictions, she is what the moment dictates it needs her to be. She is shy and bold. She is confidant and insecure. She is both a day of race cars and espresso and a lazy day of margaritas and sunshine.

She is the bubbles in our champagne.

Without her, many of us wouldn't know what it is to be a published author. Without her, many of us wouldn't know how good we can be. We wouldn't strive to be better, or to even have as much fun with our sexuality as we do.

She is encouragement and support personified.

Personally, I've only been published once, and it was thanks to her that I am. She saw merit in one of my shorts, and took a chance at including it in an anthology that has now been on the top of Amazon's Literature & Fiction list since it's release. I am honored to be included amongst the great names in Frenzy.

So, today, I wish our very own Trollop, Alison Tyler, the happiest of birthdays. And thank her for being who she is. (and follow the link above to party hop, drink your fill, and meet some very interesting and kinky people).

I hope Sam spoils you rotten, spanks you until you can't sit straight, and then serves you dinner with a smile (and nothing else).

Friday, June 5, 2009

making fantasies come true.....

About a month ago, I was approached by Eden Fantasys to review some of their wonderful adult toys, and of course, I jumped at the chance. I mean, what red-blooded female (or male for that matter) who loves sex wouldn't? Certainly no one *I* know.

So two weeks ago, when this little goody popped up on my doorstep, I was ecstatic. 'What took you so long?' you might be asking. Well, let's just say that reality wasn't very nice in giving me appropriate circumstances and time in which to really study the toy, in order to give it the best review possible.

The Silicone Intimate Diver is an adorable silicone vibrator that is designed in the shape of a friendly dolphin, whom I've named Flipper. It's made to be a G-spot AND clit stimulator, with the split of his little tail fitting the tip of the clit just so. It's a total of eight inches in length, with four of that being inserted into you. You might think that the length is too small, but for me, it was perfect.

As with all silicone products, a water based lubricant is your best bet. Once I had it all slicked up, it was an easy slide into home plate, so to speak. Simple to operate, it has three settings. By pushing the button at the bottom of the grip, you can start out with a gentle buzz, just to warm you up. The lowest setting isn't good for any serious type of getting off, but for an opening act, it does quite well. Then, when you're ready to move up levels, the second setting is a major tease. It vibrates just hard and fast enough to give you a serious taste of what can come - pardon the pun. Then the third level is some serious action, hitting the g-spot with the right amount of ... well, everything. The tail on the clit doesn't distract or detract from the main event, but is definately a nice side dish.

This little baby is also waterproof, and whisper quiet. It made the tub vibrate, as well as my body. His nose worked wonders on my clit, which is great if you need a quick climax. But there's no need to fear the water leaking in. One way I did use it was anally, thought I'm not sure if it was meant for that. I've never really been one on anal activity, but the smooth material and slim design made me think that it might be enjoyable in that area, and I was right. While it was penetrating me that way, the tail was at the entrance to my vagina and it was absolutely the biggest tease a sex toy has ever given me - so far.

All in all, I was very pleased with the results from my fun session with Flipper, and I highly recommend this to my friends, and readers. Visit Eden Fantasys to purchase your own Flipper.

You'll be SO glad you did.