Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Smut Marathon Final!

Well, it looks like we have a three way tie for first in the 2014 Smut Marathon, as decided by our lovely hostess Alison!

I'm proud to say that I've participated in every Smut Marathon, but this is the first time I've finished first. Of course, I probably wouldn't have, not in the brilliant company I'm in this time. But to know that I made it this far, I can't help but thank you all who came through and voted for me.

As always, it's been a blast participating. I always run into old friends, and make some new ones. And I get pushed to produce. That's the good old kick in the pants some of us need.

To my fellow finalists Oleander Plume and Marie Rebelle, I say - You go Glen Coco!! :P (I've always wanted to put that up)

For the final round, we were instructed to pen a story inspired by a fantastic photo by the wonderful Riendo. Max was 1500 words. Let me tell you, it was a challenge. But I'm proud of this piece. And I hope you enjoy.

Welcome to the Wild West 

Sara lay on her balcony, basking in the glow of her first LA sunset.  

Day one in La-La Land, and she was exhausted. Since her plane landed at LAX that morning, she’d been going non-stop. Between dropping her luggage at the new apartment, then grabbing a cab to the Studio on Riverside, taking care of contract signing, out for lunch with her new boss, and a brief tour around the office, she finally made it into her new place and, taking a beer out of her new fridge, collapsed on her new corner balcony.  

New. It was all so new.  

She took another haul off the bottle. For a girl from Schenectady, New York, this was a dream. One she never wanted to wake from. 

She had a hell of a view from where she sat. The closest building was three blocks away, and that meant no nosy neighbours if she decided to walk around naked. Which, while she wasn't in the habit of doing it often, she might just do now that she was here, in her new life. 

Traffic buzzed on the street ten stories below, almost lulling her to sleep. Her jet lag wasn’t that significant, LA only being three hours behind New York, but she hadn’t slept well in the week leading up to the big move.  

Too much to do. Too much excitement. Too much...everything. 

Now, with the warm breeze caressing her face, she told herself she’d close her eyes, but only for a minute… 

Firm, soft lips were pressed to hers. A tongue coaxed her lips open, and she sighed in surrender. Tongues brushed in silent passion, and Sara could feel her thighs moisten beneath her sundressShe opened her eyes, to see the ocean blue gazing back at her. “Boy this dream just keeps getting better and better.” She mumbled to herself. The chuckle from beside her sounded too real, and she bolted upright. 

“Who the fuck…?” Sara began, grasping the neck of the beer bottle like a club. The laughter continued. 

“Easy Sleeping Beauty.” The owner of the ocean blue eyes dropped into the chair next to her. “I’m Zack. And you must be my new neighbor.” 

Zack. Sara almost scoffed. Could there be any other typical California name? The blue eyes were surrounded by lightly tanned skin. His hair, while not typical Cali blond, was a gorgeous chestnut, with bangs that fell cheekily into his eyes. 

She shook her head. “Wait. How did you get…”  

He smirked. “You really should lock your door. I don’t know where you come from, but around here, an unlocked door is an open invitation.” 

Sara mentally retraced her steps and groaned. “Right. I was so focused on the beer.” She eyed him suspiciously. “Thank you, I guess. But what was with the kiss?” 

He moved to sit on the chaise with her. “Haven’t you ever just spotted a person and wonder what it would be like to kiss them? Besides, this is L.A. Land of living fairy tales. I couldn’t resist.” He leaned closer, reaching up to play with a lock of her hair. “So, what is your name, or should I just keep calling you Sleeping Beauty?” 

“Sara.” Her voice was more a whisper than she would have liked. She cleared her throat. “I’m, um, from New York.”  

He grinned. "Yeah, I got that from the accent." He stood. "Mind if I grab a beer?" She shook her head, still trying to wrap her thoughts around the gorgeous stranger in her apartment, and wondering why she didn't hit him with the bottle, scream her head off and run. 

As she watched him bend over to grab the beer from the bottom shelf, she grinned to herself. 'Oh yeah.' she thought as she checked out the way his board shorts stretched across his taut ass, 'That's why.' 

His eyes met hers as he took a long swallow and sat down again, so close she could see the condensation from the bottle as it trailed down his chin. She watched it travel down his neck, pooling in the dip of his collar bone, and she swallowed audibly. 

"Do I make you nervous Sara?" Zack grinned wickedly at her, taking both their bottles and putting them down on the ground. He leaned into her, his breath hot on her cheek.  Sara nodded slightly. "But not enough to kick me out." He whispered in her ear. "Right?" 

Without waiting for an answer, he kissed her again, hard and hot, so there was no mistaking his intentions. Her hands tangled in his hair, pulling him closer. This time, fully awake, her tongue clashed with his.  

Her kiss was fierce, a combination of exhaustion and desire and excitement for all that lay ahead. He drew back, gasping a little. "Wow." He ran his hand through his hair. 

She lounged back, her hands behind her head, and smirked. "So, is it true? Do you wish we could all be California girls?" He laughed. 

"Right now, give me east coast over west any day." He held out his hands to her. "But why don't I show you what the West Coast has to offer?" 

Sara put her hands in his, the electricity between them practically lighting the shadows that had gathered as the sun glowed it's last rays above the ocean waves.  

Zack led her to the corner of the balcony, pressing her back against the glass. As he kissed her again, his hands wandered down her waist, and up her thighs, calloused hands scratching her smooth skin. He cupped her between her thighs, the heel of his hand pressing against her clit.  

Sara whimpered, her thighs spreading a little more. He dragged his fingers up her slit, his middle finger pressing between her lips, while his outer ones caused goose bumps on her bare flesh. 

Her hand reached down between them, easily finding his cock. She grasped him through his shorts, smiling at his gasp. Stroking him through the thin polyester, she could feel the throb and heat, and her pussy throbbed and drenched his hand in response.  

He stroked through the wetness, bringing his finger to her lips. Painting her with her juices, he leaned in to lick her lips. "Mmm. Sweet." He murmured.  

He got to his knees. "What do you say, New York? Can I have a real taste?" He looked up at her, his gaze challenging, as he drew her panties down. She nodded.  

Parting her lips, his breath cool on her clit, he started there. He took it in his mouth, giving her a long, hard suck. The tip of his tongue flicked up the length and circled around the hood. She trembled as he lapped at her, slowly inserting two fingers into her hole.  

Sara thrust forward, not wanting slow. "Fuck....damn it. Zack..." She couldn't even complete a sentence. His attentions had her out of breath and on the verge of coming faster than with any other guy she'd ever had.  

Normally that would be a bad thing but right now? All she wanted was to have that length of hot, hard, meaty flesh jammed into her cunt.  

"Not yet." His voice was muffled, the vibrations travelling through her core. Her knees threatened to give way and she gripped the railing for support. His tongue bathed her lips, slipping between them and replacing his fingers.  

"Just. A. Little. More." She gasped and cried, and within a heartbeat she was coming. He stood up, ripping into the condom from his wallet and sheathing himself before she was even done. She was still peaking as he turned her around and pushed her against the railing.  

His hand lifted her skirt, stroking her clit, and keeping her coming as he thrust into her from behind. She clenched around him as he slowly fucked her, his free hand reaching into her bra to play with her peaked left nipple. She moaned and thrust backwards.  

"Fuck me Zack. I won't break." 

Holding her tight, he slammed into her, a groan escaping him. "God Sara. You feel fucking fantastic. So tight, so wet...." He rocked forward, his cock head pressing against her in just the right place that made her scream. 

Sara felt like sobbing. He filled her to overflowing and yet her cunt expanded, making more room for him to plunge into her, pushing her to come harder, to come again and again, and she felt it dripping down her thighs, escaping when he'd pull out, only to be forced back. 

She came once more, her voice barely audible over the blood pounding in Zack's ears. He sucked in his breath, his relief hard and fast.  

And as they both caught their breath, they stood there, gazing into the night, the traffic still buzzing below. Sara smiled as Zack kissed the back of her neck.  

New coast. New job. New life. 

New Sara.  

"Welcome to the wild west, New York. We're glad you came." 

©Miz Angell 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Isn't that YUM?

Ok, but seriously, I'm not sure where the saying came from, but it always makes me hungry.

In this case, however, we're not giving away chicken.

I realize I've been delayed, but unfortunately for me, my immune system isn't rock solid and therefore a lovely allergy attack had knocked me on my ass. But I'm here now, and taking care of some unfinished business.

First - thank you to all who toured with us and donated to Sommer Marsden. When the donations finally closed, £911 had been raised. Which is roughly, $1495 US!!! So WTG guys!

We have a winner from my Snogs for Sommer tour. My lovely assistant - her name is Aryia - chose a name from the four (yes Victoria I included yours) names that were kind enough to leave me a comment.

For those wondering about my lovely assistant, this is her.

And how she helped me choose was a rather different method. I just wrote everyone's names down on four slips of paper, and let her play with them for a bit. And whichever one had a readable name would win.

And the winner of a copy of Morning, Noon and Night, as well as an adorable make-up case with things to keep your lips in pucker form is.....*drum roll courtesy of Neil Pert*


Lovely one, please contact me with your name and mailing address so I can get your prize out to you immediately.

To everyone, y'all rock my socks off - and since Sommer and I both love our socks, it's a good thing, and not easy to do. I'm truly touched to be part of such an amazing community.