Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friends Will Be Friends

Another short for another wonderful contest from Ms. A. Tyler – yes, our favourite Trollop with A Laptop. But this time, I didn't win. And rightfully so. There was a tie for first and second with four WONDERFUL stories. Pop over and check them out – and read below for my contribution. Where can I find invites to parties like this one?

Ryan loved these black out parties. He just had to find his girlfriend. Hands stretched in front of him, his palms met a set of DD's that were familiar.

Her lips were soft, pliant. Even in the pitch black, he knew they were Jenny's. He moved his hand through her wetness, her scent familiar. As he inserted two fingers into her waiting pussy, he pulled her into him, mashing her other lips against his.

Instead of the usual tonsil hockey, she was playing shy, the tip of her tongue barely making contact with his. But her hips thrust against his hand, riding his fingers hard. She reached for his jeans, fumbling to remove his hard on. He lifted his head, panting and confused. Jenny must be really drunk. She usually wasn't this clumsy.

But he couldn't fault her enthusiasm as she wrestled him out and dropped to her knees, taking him all the way down her throat in one swallow. His knees buckled, and he braced his hands against the wall for balance. She sucked his cock frantically, the squelching sounds from below telling him that she was fucking herself. As he spilled into her throat, he groaned her name. "Fuck Jenny...."

"Ryan?" His name came from somewhere to the right of him. Fumbling for his cell phone, he used it as a flashlight. He saw Jenny bent over a chair, with some strangers cock imbedded in her ass. She laughed awkwardly.

"Well, guess we both made new friends tonight."