Thursday, October 31, 2013

Generosity Abounds

At least that's what we're hoping for.

One of our darling's, a woman whom I've pimped out and adored for years, the amazingly generous Sommer Marsden, has had a bit of a rough go lately.

About six months back, her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Horrible right? It could happen to any one of us or our loved ones. What adds insult to injury is that her insurance company won't cover the cost of his chemo.

So, the erotica community is banding together to do what we can to help. Led by the magnificent Bronwyn Green, and supported by erotic heavyweights such as Victoria Blisse, Saskia Walker and of course Alison Tyler (just to name a few), an indiegogo project was created with amazing rewards at every level of donation. 

The aim is to raise $3000.00 to help with household expenses. I'm hoping it's more. 

Check it out, and please donate what you can.

Times are tough for everyone - we all understand. And if you'd like to help, but can't afford to donate, help spread the word. Tweet about it, Facebook it, blog it, send out smoke signals. Tell your neighbours, your friends, hell tell the neighbours friends dog. 

Together, we can definitely make a difference for this family.


(*I don't own this image, but it's so cute!)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SShhhh - it's a secret... (DSL Blog Tour stop)

Ok, not really. And I'm not so good at keeping secrets anyway.

As I sit here, attempting to figure out how to introduce this, I'm brought back to 2007 - and the first time I saw Alison Tyler's blog. She was - confessing is the closest word I can think of - and keeping her readers on the edge of our seats. It was a tale of shame, of discovery, of release. It was a tale of newly discovered pride.

Even after she stopped telling, it stuck with me for awhile. And I stuck around to see if she'd finish it.

Six years later, she's started it all over again. But this time in book form.

The first installment of this tale is titled Dark Secret Love. And like Alison herself, is unique and incredible. You'll have to attach yourself to something steady, because it's easy to fall into her world.

Today, our lovely Trollop answers a few questions, and poses a challenge for readers in the last one.


You’ve said that whatever you write always contains a sliver of yourself. With DSL, it’s more than a sliver. Did you discover anything new about yourself this time around that you didn’t back in 2006 when you first began telling your tale on your blog?

Here’s a tequila-induced confession. I was fucking terrified to revisit the story. I wrote this entirely organically, if that makes sense. Every day, I committed to about a thousand words. I let music inspire me as far as the tone. So if I heard a Pink Floyd song one day, I might write with that atmosphere in my mind the next. I had no real grasp of whether the piece would hold together in book form. What did I discover? That petrifying fear, which gradually let me loose the longer I worked on the project.
See, the thing is, there are 500,000 words to the tale. I’m at book eight of compiling, and it’s not finished.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve found inspiration for one of your stories?

I entertain myself by constantly writing stories in my head. Any place where you’re stuck for more than a few minutes, that’s when my over-active brain takes over. I’ve written stories set in the DMV. While waiting for a Tow Truck. While stuck in traffic. I like to say that I see sex wherever I go. It’s the truth. Give me a few people, an odd location, and ten minutes—and I’ll write you a story.

How hard was it to come to terms with your sexual “appetites” in a society that insisted they remain hidden? Do you feel it would be easier if you had to do it in today’s world?

There are so many more resources available for kinky people now. At least, resources you can easily put your hands on. The internet is a wealth of knowledge for fetishists and kinksters. In my formative years, as they say, I was pretty much alone. And lonely. That is, until I met Brock:

And it wasn't long before I realized that high school life and my world with Brock were parallel universes that didn't have anything else in common—running side by side on twin tracks. I felt as if I were in a dream as I walked through the Quad, watching the popular kids up on the wall, the jocks out by the basketball court, the stoners behind the gym. I faked everything from 8 - 3, not coming alive again until Brock picked me up on his Harley. Somehow, I was smart enough to do well in class simply by going through the motions. But I no longer had a desire to fit in.
            I think we are all hardwired for what we crave. When I’d gone on the few miserable dates with guys my age, I would invariably offer my wrists to them. To hold. To kiss. I didn’t even know why I was doing this. And the guys never figured out what I wanted. I can imagine their confusion now. What’s with this chick? But Brock did. He rarely held my hand. He gripped my wrist instead, letting me know what it would feel like to be bound to his bed, to be in his power. Letting me know ahead of time, before he made that fantasy come true.

DSL is a huge hit – and Hollywood comes knocking. Who do you see playing the parts?

Ha. I love you. I wish I could close my eyes and see the cast all lined up neatly. But I can't wrap my head around the casting! I want to say, an eloquent Tom Sizemore. Or Michael Madsen in this one scene of this one movie. Or David Straithairn circa L.A. Confidential. Or John Doe in Slam Dance. Even if his coloring is wrong, there's something so brutal and sexy about him. Especially, in that three-piece suit.

But you know what? I want to flip the question and ask readers instead. Who would you cast for the roles? 


I think she really wants to know guys. So answer in the comments, and at the end of the blog tour, Alison will choose her favourite answer and that lovely reader will receive a fun prize. Not sure what yet, but you can bet it'll be cool. (Also, if you check out that entry, you can enter to win a prize pack from Alison herself).  

If you don't have your copy yet, check out Dark Secret Love at Amazon UKAmazon US or at your local book store. 

Called a “Trollop with a Laptop” by East Bay Express and “a hell of a writer” by Violet Blue, Alison Tyler is naughty and she knows it. Her sultry short stories have appeared in more than 100 anthologies. She is the author of more than 25 erotic novels, most recently Dark Secret Love, and the editor of more than 75 explicit anthologies. Visit 24/7 as she’s a total insomniac.