Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Thanks

Hold hands with the person next to you. For me, it's disappointing, because it's not you. Won't be, can't be. Right now, it's him.

"We now bow our heads Lord, and silently give you thanks for all the blessings in our lives."

I'm hot. These days it doesn't take much - just a thought of your lips on mine, or the phantom touches that remain in my skin's memory from the last time we were together.

And it's been too long.

My body aches for your touch. Even something as innocent as holding your hand sends a burning through to my core.

I need you.

As we sit at the family dinner table, heads bowed, I smile because they would all be shocked if they could hear what I was giving thanks for.

I'm giving thanks for the eight inches of solid cock that I love sliding in and out of my mouth as your long fingers probe my aching pussy. I lick my lips as if I can still taste your jets of come spurting down my throat.

I'm giving thanks for that talented tongue that takes long laps at my wet cunt, from hole to clit and back again. I try not to visibly squirm as the thought causes my juices to flow, and my thighs tighten to hold back whatever might leak onto the good chairs mom has put out for the holidays. My stomach clenches and quivers as I think about long you fuck me with that tongue, bringing me to the edge, but never letting me go over. You're too cruel for that.

I try to sigh inaudibly, as my mind wanders, remembering laying flat on my back while you climbed on top of me, teasing me by rubbing your hard on against my slippery clit. I bite back a moan as my clit grows in anticipation, even though I don't know when I'll see you again. I shift a little, the movement causing friction against my sensitive bud. I hold my breath, waiting for the sensation to pass.

I'm giving thanks for your able hands, and how they grasp my sensitive nipples and twist them at just the right time, causing pain to add to my pleasure; how they tangle in my hair, forcing my head to the side so that you can bite into my neck, causing an internal bruise, but no marks are visible; how they caress my ass cheeks, bringing them apart before you insert a finger into my puckered hole.

I'm giving thanks for the time we have together, where you fuck me senseless; where I forget my name, and all that my life entails. I'm giving thanks for the way you fill me, in every sense; for the way you fulfill my desires and fantasies, even those I've never articulated.

And I'm giving thanks for the numerous times you've made me come - waves upon waves of hot, sticky pleasure, whether it be with your cock, your tongue, your hands, or with your memory and my hands, my toys.

I look up to see little sister staring at me with a bemused expression. Only she knows my secret. Only she knows why I'm smiling. He glances over, and smiles back at me. He'll never know.

"For all this and more, this holiday season, we give you thanks Oh Lord."