Monday, March 19, 2012

We interrupt this silence for an important announcement....

Hello. My name is Miz Angell, and this is my blog. Which some of you might have forgotten, considering my periods of lengthy absense. I've almost forgotten myself.

I know I often use the excuse there's so much to do, but in this case - there really was. We were doing renovations on the old homestead. The basement, after being my apartment for fifteen years, has been turned back into a basement. *GASP* I know right? What a concept. The spare room on the main level which started out as a den, where I'd been staying since my dad passed last year, was converted into a proper bedroom, complete with hardwood flooring to replace the ancient carpet, knocking down a wall, and a totally new paintjob. So new furniture had to be purchased, and a whole lot of spring cleaning has to be done.

This whole reno kind of sucked for me. I mean, I knew it was coming, but it was all kind of manic and thrown together. I didn't really have a chance to sit and really think about what I wanted to do with the room. It was kind of - the guys are here, pick a floor, pick a wall colour, go get the shit and let them do their thing. I just wound up at Home Depot looking at one of those pre-fabbed rooms in the paint brochures. The floor was the same colour as the one I'd chosen, so I just handed the girl the pic and said "I need that paint." Which means I wound up with purple walls with white trim (and I love purple, but hate white). But such is life. Hopefully this will just be a brief stop-over, and a selling point for when the house is put on the market. I still have my furnished apartment in my head - maybe one day it'll be a reality.

I still need a dresser (which I don't want to get cuz I have limited space left and the space I do have I want for a cozy reading chair), a bookshelf, blinds, and frames for some very important (to me) artwork. I also MAYBE need some hovering shelves somewhere because I won't be able to fit all my pictures on the walls....GLEEP. So much to do.

The good news? I will FINALLY have a desk. I mean, a REAL desk. Where I can sit and write and be creative and close the door and NOT have to worry that anyone wants to come in to watch tv or use the other computer or just annoy the shit out of me. I'm so excited! I still need to find a really cool chair to go with it and have been checking out antique markets and craigslist, kiijiji, etc. - but until I do, any old chair will do.

So, this means that I will now be cranking out the creative stuff that's been pooling inside my grey matter for the last few months. I will have a safe haven, a real place to sit and gather my thoughts.

When it's all said & done, I will share via pictures.

I'll be back (sooner than later this time).