Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Inspirational Tunes - Round Three

Ok hotties and heaux. It's time to vote in Round Three of Alison Tylers Smut Marathon.

This one was a hell of a challenge. Not only was it 300 words - max! - but she asked to use a piece of music that inspires us.

I have a LOT of music that inspires me to write. But to keep it to 300 words is a real problem sometimes. That's when you use the KISS rule - keep it simple stupid. LOL.

So head on over - read them all (they're all seriously hot stuff so maybe reading at work isn't the best idea), and then choose your favourite.

If you know me, you can figure out which one is mine, but only vote if it's your favourite.

Follow the link for sexy snippets of song-inspired smut.

The pic is from Women's Health Mag. Figured it might play into the theme....and hey, let's talk. Do you agree with these?