Monday, May 19, 2008

Fishnets, and muscles and corsets.....oh MY!

This is a clip of The Rocky Horror Show from CanStage's production last year. The guy playing the lead is a wonderful actor named Adam Brazier. Adam and I worked together - so to speak - when he was appearing as Skye in Mamma Mia at the Royal Alex many moons ago (seems like a lifetime). I know that Tim Curry is the original Frank and that NO ONE can do it better than him, but this guy is sexay HOT in his fishnets and corset. This is Tim's signature song - Sweet Transvestite. It's the second best version I've ever heard - Tim's being the first. A friend I went with to see the show (my second time) said he would gladly go gay for this guy. For me, all it would have taken was a come hither stare and a free room for an hour or two, and I would have gladly been naked and his slave. SIGH.

Ladies and gents, prepare to wet yourselves - in several wonderful ways.