Monday, August 25, 2008

Endless Summer

I thought about you last night.

I thought about your text message.

You can't wait to see me. "Miss me that much?" I teased back. "Yes I do." was the reply.

Instantly I grew warm. My adrenaline started to rush. I knew I couldn't wait to see you. It's been a long summer without you baby.

I imagine what I'm going to do to you when I see you again. I can only imagine what the long months without any form of sexual partner has done to you, and I pray that your body remembers mine in the same way mine does yours.

I know I'm going to want to rip up the black shirt you'll be wearing - you're always in black - placing my hands on your chest and inhaling your scent that takes me back to when we first began, in the alley, behind the bar, when we both realized how much we needed each other. You'll smell of smoke, and musk, and desire. I'll lick a circle around your nipples, feeling your heart rate quicken under my palms. I'll reach behind, and run my nails down your back, as my tongue seeks out the pulse at the base of your throat. I'll press my lips there, your pulse racing under their softness. I'll feel your cock getting hard under the miles of material that make up your too-big bondage pants, and I'll trail one hand down to your ass to squeeze a firm cheek.

You'll pull back, as you always do, and grab a fistful of my hair. Yanking down on it, you'll force me to my knees, and press me against your crotch. My hands will tremble as they make their way around to the fastenings and quickly tear them open. No boxers or briefs tonight - you'll have taken a chance that this is what I'll want.

You know me so well.

I'll take you in my mouth, and coax you into your full potential. Public places like this always make you nervous. My fingers will encircle the base of your beautiful cock, and apply pressure as I stroke the length. My lips will slide over the smooth skin of the head, slowly encasing your shaft in my hot mouth. I'll moan, because my body has been missing you in ways I never thought possible. You'll moan, because it's been awhile since someone's gone down on you, and a long while since it's been me. I'll be slow, and thorough, bathing your hard on with my velvet tongue, and tracing patterns along it with my nails, painted black just for you.

My other hand will raise up and play with your balls, gently squeezing them, playing with them, making sure they also feel the love. I'll playfully nip once or twice at them with my teeth, causing you to gasp. I'll gaze up once or twice, and I'll see that your eyes are closed, and you are the perfect picture of a man being serviced.

You'll reach down roughly and haul me to my feet, your cock springing free of my grip. Backing me against the wall, you'll reach down and raise my skirt. You'll rub me through my soaked thong, as your teeth find that sweet spot on my neck, right along my jawline, just under my ear. You've bitten me there several times before, but never breaking skin. Visibly leaving your mark, as much as I desperately want you to, is not an option. But it's always hard enough to cause a bruise under the skin, which I'll feel even months later.

Your hand will still caress me through my thong as your other hand grabs my hair again, pulling my head to the other side. Your tongue will lick from my collarbone to my ear, where you'll growl "Never forget who you belong to."


And with that, you'll push my thong aside, and in one easy movement, you'll slide your cock into my dripping pussy. Again and again, you'll fuck me up against that wall, in the heat of the fading summer. My leg will come up to encircle your waist, and I'll bury my face in your neck, biting down to keep from crying out, and you'll do the same, only you'll be claiming me once more - reminding me that I am yours.

In every sense of the word.

Hurry home.


I'll keep your secrets. I'll sooth your guilt. I'll take care of all your needs. I'm here to please you and make you cum hard. I'm your whore after all.