Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Pay the Ransom!

That's something I will always remember my father for. Whenever he & my mother would come home late, he'd enter the house with "Don't pay the ransom! We're home." And it never failed to make me smile.

So, honey - I'm home.

(kicking off shoes and sitting with a glass of wine) Would you like some?

I know it's been almost three weeks since a posting. Real life does tend to get in the way of things we really want to do sometimes. My hats go off to Sommer Marsden, Aisling Weaver, Alison Tyler and the whole lot of lovely, sexy ladies that keep us knee deep (or higher) in seductive prose and erotic tales. I'm almost done my fourth class towards my publishing certificate, and I'm finding out that editing is hard work. I mean, I didn't think it was sunshine and roses, but neither did I realize what a complex process it is, that needs to be handled delicately lest you bruise the writers fragile ego.

However, I'm finding out PDQ that becoming an editor - a successful one - might not be in the cards for me. I don't quite have the analytical mind that is required to sharpen, and examine, the various elements that will make a story publishable. (I keep getting stuck on premise - for some reason, while I can get it straight in my head, it doesn't follow through on the paper).

I think I might be ok with that. If nothing else, these classes will sharpen my skills as a writer, and show me what type of editors I will need to hire when (not if) I open my house.

Until then, I am quite happy with the work I produce. As few and far between as the pieces are right now, next week is my final class, and then I will have two months in which to spend all my free time writing ( you'll have free time? who are you kidding?)


So the voice is right. Between two jobs, Christmas fast approaching, family stuff to deal with, and of course, mapping & planning out my website, the house business, etc (and let's not forget your aim to actually FINISH NaNoWriMo this year...), free time will be scarce.

But there should be enough time to finish a WIP or two and get started on a few pieces I plan on submitting.

So, thanks for still being here. It means a lot. I promise to be home more.

But, next time, you bring the wine.