Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Turn and face the strange…

**Another challenge from the lovely and talented Ms. Alison Tyler. This one - use the word change anywhere in your story. Tell me what you think.**

I twisted and turned, rechecking every detail. My hands ran down the soft leather of my corset, memorizing the eyelet details, the boning biting into my flesh. The chiffon skirt twirled out from my stocking encased thighs and my pvc boots were polished to a high shine.

The scent of my sex permeated the room, moisture gathering between my thighs. I slid elbow length fingerless gloves on, black tipped fingers poking through. My hair hung past my shoulders, the red highlights shimmering.

My body hummed in anticipation of the night ahead. What a strange feeling it was, to be going to fetish unescorted for a change – and as a single woman no less. To be able to play with no rules or restrictions except my own, and those of my playmates. To be able to fuck whom I wanted, in whatever way I wanted.

I grasped my chosen tool by the hilt, relishing in the firmness of the handle. My pussy clenched in memory at the last time it was used on me. The sound of the leather cracking, the distance tempering the sting as it landed on my ass. I caressed the handle, moaning softly as I ran it across my cheek, down my body and lightly touched it to my swollen clit.

I shuddered, quickly removing it. I picked up my bag, and glanced in the mirror one last time before closing the door behind me. My red lips gleamed as I smiled. Time to embrace change.