Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day Nineteen - Smiles

so many reasons
to be sad
in a world where
life is unpredictable,
where death is
where fate is
cruel even when
at her best.

so many reasons
to be mad
in a world where
those who work hard
don't always get
the spoils,
and those who get spoiled
never have to work hard.

so many reasons
for hate to reign
in a world where
religion causes war,
different skin
causes fear,
where a girl can't always
be a girl,
and a boy needs to
be a boy.

despite it all,
there are still so many
reasons to smile,
in a world where the sun shines,
and you can feel love
in the simplest of words,
or gestures.
it's not as easy to see
as hate, as sadness,
as anger.
 you must look harder
for the smiles,
but they are
worth all the effort.

©2012 (image found online - I do not own it)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day Eighteen - Hidden

no where to run
no where to hide

my mind has shut me out
has put up the
do not disturb sign
on the door

force feed me reality
make me swallow
the injustice

no where to run
no where to hide

my heart has shut me out
has turned off the OPEN sign
and locked the front door

pour me a glass
of solitude
and sanity
but do not let me drink

no where to run
no where to hide

leave me outside
my home
but do not tell me
where the spare key is

leave me to rummage
through the dirt
the mud
the mire
to find it

no where to run
no where to hide

it shall stay hidden
it doesn't want to be found

it wants to be free

no where to run
no where to hide

i am cold


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day Seventeen - Hushed

I'm looking for answers

But there's none to be found
I'm waiting in silence
Just waiting for a sound

To dance with you again
Would ease the pain I feel inside
Just to dance with you
To music only heard by you and I

You left me all alone
Unprotected, open, free
No one there to stop the danger
The dangers I can't see

Through the rain and the pain
There's no one left to hold
I stand and call out your name
Silence answers,
more of the same


Monday, April 16, 2012

Day Sixteen (Prompt) - Patience

I need your patience,
more than I need your pressure. 
I wasn’t looking for anything, from anyone.
I was looking to find happiness within the confines of my life
and there was none to be found.

And then I met you.

From the first day, your eyes
seared into my memory – seared into my spirit.
I couldn’t get you off my mind,
and I couldn’t figure out why.
Then we talked more,
and I was able to see into your soul.
I was able to see your heart
and it melted mine.
I knew you were very special to me,
and I wanted to tell you,
but never knew how.

You took care of that for me.

When you kissed me, my heart jumped,
my legs buckled,
my soul wept for joy.
I found that feeling that had
eluded me for so long.

I have lived in lies and darkness
for years
and you showed me I could live a life
of truth in the light.
Please give me the time I need to escape it.

I have no desire to lie to you,
to keep secrets.
For once I have found someone
that I want to know everything about me.
Your honesty humbles me,
 your desire thrills me.
To have your heart would be
the greatest gift.

To have your forever,
would be an honor beyond words.

©2012 (prompt: discovery of a like soul in a world of prejudice)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day Fifteen - Apocalypse

And so it comes to pass
That on this day
And in this life
All I have done
Means nothing.

And so we come to see
That everything changes
But nothing changes
And all is no longer
What it seems to be.

And now I see clearly
What lies ahead
As clearly as I see
What has gone behind

And now I can honestly say
I have no hope

We are doomed.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day Fourteen (prompt) - Not For Me

I felt foolish
I felt betrayed
He held her hand
As he looked my way

I didn’t approach
Couldn’t move my feet
I just couldn’t talk
I heard the other girl greet

What was he doing
In this children’s store
He told me he’d never marry
Being a dad would be a bore

He wanted adventure, travel
And no strings applied
He wanted to see the world
Do everything he’d never tried

But for me, marriage, the house, kids
Painted fence and lawn mowers,
It was everything I’d ever wanted
Even loud dogs and nosey neighbours

I thought I could change his mind,
Beyond every doubt
I’d be the one to show him family
Was what life was supposed to be about

A broken heart later
Several months for pain to linger
And here he was in front of me
A gold ring on his finger

The woman was with child
I could plainly see
He lied about wanting this
He just didn’t want me

©2012 (prompt - running into the "not the marrying kind" ex with his new pregnant wife)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day Thirteen - Stand off

He stood in front of me

I stood looking at him

We looked at each other

I opened my mouth

His eyes grew concerned

My voice froze

His arms reached out

My arms stalled

He stood in front of me

I turned around

His voice called

My heart ached