Monday, April 16, 2012

Day Sixteen (Prompt) - Patience

I need your patience,
more than I need your pressure. 
I wasn’t looking for anything, from anyone.
I was looking to find happiness within the confines of my life
and there was none to be found.

And then I met you.

From the first day, your eyes
seared into my memory – seared into my spirit.
I couldn’t get you off my mind,
and I couldn’t figure out why.
Then we talked more,
and I was able to see into your soul.
I was able to see your heart
and it melted mine.
I knew you were very special to me,
and I wanted to tell you,
but never knew how.

You took care of that for me.

When you kissed me, my heart jumped,
my legs buckled,
my soul wept for joy.
I found that feeling that had
eluded me for so long.

I have lived in lies and darkness
for years
and you showed me I could live a life
of truth in the light.
Please give me the time I need to escape it.

I have no desire to lie to you,
to keep secrets.
For once I have found someone
that I want to know everything about me.
Your honesty humbles me,
 your desire thrills me.
To have your heart would be
the greatest gift.

To have your forever,
would be an honor beyond words.

©2012 (prompt: discovery of a like soul in a world of prejudice)

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