Monday, April 2, 2012

NaPoWriMo - here we go again!

Ok, so I'm a day late. I was no where near a computer yesterday as I needed to do the work thing (yes on a Sunday - don't be judging!).

I was astounded to find that it's already April - and it's once again National Poetry Month. Which means it's NaPoWriMo time. A poem a day for thirty days.

This was something I WAS able to accomplish last year, a fact I am quite proud of. (As opposed to my major fail at NaNoWriMo which we won't get into). I intend to do it again this year.

So today, I present you with TWO poems. The first of which is complete, the second of which I will need to mull over a bit before posting.

Here we go!

The Sound

That voice, with its
shallow lows,
and soaring highs;
the rich, lush
palatable syllables 
that squeeze the breath
from my lungs
and still the beat of my 

That voice,
which haunts my 
waking silences
and drowns 
my every thought.

That voice, 
which falls from those
soft, easy lips,
followed by 
that addictive smile,
and using 
a loose, pliable

Those lips that once
kissed the love
in mine,
that tongue, 
which once 
found my words,
that smile,
which once mirrored mine.

That voice,
and all it is,
belongs to love,
belongs to loss,
belongs to my past,
and not my future.

That voice,
will often bring
tears to my eyes.

That voice,
will eternally
be my ghost.


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