Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day Nineteen - Smiles

so many reasons
to be sad
in a world where
life is unpredictable,
where death is
where fate is
cruel even when
at her best.

so many reasons
to be mad
in a world where
those who work hard
don't always get
the spoils,
and those who get spoiled
never have to work hard.

so many reasons
for hate to reign
in a world where
religion causes war,
different skin
causes fear,
where a girl can't always
be a girl,
and a boy needs to
be a boy.

despite it all,
there are still so many
reasons to smile,
in a world where the sun shines,
and you can feel love
in the simplest of words,
or gestures.
it's not as easy to see
as hate, as sadness,
as anger.
 you must look harder
for the smiles,
but they are
worth all the effort.

©2012 (image found online - I do not own it)

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