Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day Twelve (prompt) - Gather Round

Light the candles
Get the guitar
pour some more wine
we can’t go very far

The lights are gone,
The stars shine bright
The only power here
Is our friendship tonight

This once a year gathering
To catch up with friends
And the wind knocked the fuses
But the merriment won’t end

Let’s sing the songs
We once all knew
Forget the words
For a moment or two

Remember instead
The feelings so strong
When the music was playing
when it was our song

he dated her, and then
she dated his friend,
to get back together,
with the first one again

then he dated her friend,
and round the circle went
there was no escaping
there just was no end

but now we laugh together
and drink to our health
and know that we made it
in spite of ourselves

and as the moonlight shines
through the windows glass
we’ll toast to the future
and drink to the past

and we’ll fall asleep
by the light of that moon
and when morning comes
race to the bathroom.

©2012 (prompt - things to do when the power's out)

(Authors note: Ok this one kind of sucks, but I was looking to do something fun and quick and to be honest my mind has been a little distracted lately so...there ya go)

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