Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day Fourteen (prompt) - Not For Me

I felt foolish
I felt betrayed
He held her hand
As he looked my way

I didn’t approach
Couldn’t move my feet
I just couldn’t talk
I heard the other girl greet

What was he doing
In this children’s store
He told me he’d never marry
Being a dad would be a bore

He wanted adventure, travel
And no strings applied
He wanted to see the world
Do everything he’d never tried

But for me, marriage, the house, kids
Painted fence and lawn mowers,
It was everything I’d ever wanted
Even loud dogs and nosey neighbours

I thought I could change his mind,
Beyond every doubt
I’d be the one to show him family
Was what life was supposed to be about

A broken heart later
Several months for pain to linger
And here he was in front of me
A gold ring on his finger

The woman was with child
I could plainly see
He lied about wanting this
He just didn’t want me

©2012 (prompt - running into the "not the marrying kind" ex with his new pregnant wife)

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