Friday, May 24, 2013

Fall in Lust...

Fifteen times if you please.

Round two of Alison Tyler's Smut Marathon is up and running. This was our challenge.

Choose a location described in Round 1. Any location. Except the one you wrote. Keep the location in your mind as you write a 200-word (max) character description of someone who might venture to the location.

Keep in mind that while creativity counts, you can expect (those of you with a little foresight) that you might be asked to include this character (male, female, trans, etc.) in an erotic story in the future. So please, a) no underage. And 2) consider penning a character your readers might like to have a literary romp with. (I mean, you might enjoy describing the next hunchback of Notre Dame but will you want to see him fuck? Maybe. That’s up to you.)

Give your character sketch a title. Makes it easier for me with the poll. That doesn’t have to count in the 200 words.

What else? Oh, yes, you won’t know which locations the other writers have chosen. I don’t mind doubles, triples, etc. We’ll all find out who chose whose when the stories post and the authors are revealed.
So there you go. Challenge accepted. And it really was a challenge. 
Like the first, the different takes on characters are compelling and exciting. So go ahead.
Go fall in love - as many times as you like.  

But only one can get your vote. 

Spread the word, tell your friends. Voting is open until the May 30. And then come on back to see who won, and who was the first to fall.
Thank y'all.