Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Talk to me about procrastination....

And I'll let you know why I'm the queen.

I just finished my second course towards my publishing certificate. And it was a tough one. Any of my friends on here will tell you that if you thought you knew about editing before, once you take an actual copy-editing course, you find you know NOTHING. I'm still fuzzy-brained from the information overload. Well, if nothing else, it will make me a better writer - I hope.

It's now *checks calendar* three days until Christmas. I have NOT finished my shopping, nor have I finished wrapping the gifts I currently have. And add to that, I do NOT have the week off between Christmas and New Years like I did last year. So all the things I was hoping to accomplish between those two dates are going to be crammed into two days instead of seven.


I owe our lovely Trollop Alison about thirty thousand reviews for the numerous lovely little PDF's she's sent me. I owe a few to the wonderful Sommer Marsden for the gifts of hot novels she so generously sent my way as well. I need to finish (well, start first THEN finish) my entry for the next round of Project Smutway. I have characters begging to be let out, tied down, pillaged, plundered and all that good stuff if I could just get my muse to sit still for thirty seconds. (My WIP file is insanely huge).

I need to clean my apartment - and clean it out too. 

I need to sort some personal shit. I need to figure out the next step on my path, making sure I keep to the paved road and not wander down to the river and drown.

But, no matter what - I am grateful. I have a loving family, who is always there for me.

I have wonderful friends, who are incredibly supportive of everything I do, even when they don't agree with it, and love me no matter what type of mess I am (or am IN).

And I have the butterflies, which make life so much harder and easier all at the same time. But I wouldn't give them up for the world.

One day I'll explain those to you.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December 1...

Not only is today World Aids Day, but it's also the birthday of someone near and dear to my heart (and I'm sure some other body parts appreciate her too). 

Happy Birthday to the gorgeous, talented, quirky, adorable, and oh-so-FAB-U-LOUS Sommer Marsden!

In honor of both these days, I've found the perfect combination of sexy birthday wish and red ribbon.

So pop on over to give her a whack on that cute little ass of hers, toast her with a glass of wine (in crystal no less that thankfully didn't shatter when I sang to her this morning) and maybe read some of her stuff.  I hear she's pretty writing that is.