Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Talk to me about procrastination....

And I'll let you know why I'm the queen.

I just finished my second course towards my publishing certificate. And it was a tough one. Any of my friends on here will tell you that if you thought you knew about editing before, once you take an actual copy-editing course, you find you know NOTHING. I'm still fuzzy-brained from the information overload. Well, if nothing else, it will make me a better writer - I hope.

It's now *checks calendar* three days until Christmas. I have NOT finished my shopping, nor have I finished wrapping the gifts I currently have. And add to that, I do NOT have the week off between Christmas and New Years like I did last year. So all the things I was hoping to accomplish between those two dates are going to be crammed into two days instead of seven.


I owe our lovely Trollop Alison about thirty thousand reviews for the numerous lovely little PDF's she's sent me. I owe a few to the wonderful Sommer Marsden for the gifts of hot novels she so generously sent my way as well. I need to finish (well, start first THEN finish) my entry for the next round of Project Smutway. I have characters begging to be let out, tied down, pillaged, plundered and all that good stuff if I could just get my muse to sit still for thirty seconds. (My WIP file is insanely huge).

I need to clean my apartment - and clean it out too. 

I need to sort some personal shit. I need to figure out the next step on my path, making sure I keep to the paved road and not wander down to the river and drown.

But, no matter what - I am grateful. I have a loving family, who is always there for me.

I have wonderful friends, who are incredibly supportive of everything I do, even when they don't agree with it, and love me no matter what type of mess I am (or am IN).

And I have the butterflies, which make life so much harder and easier all at the same time. But I wouldn't give them up for the world.

One day I'll explain those to you.

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riendo said...

hey , i'm just letting you know of my blog. I follow alison also. so we can all start linking each other...:)