Monday, January 10, 2011

The Right Prescription

She didn't need coke. Or weed. Or even E. Not when she had percs.

A pulled trap muscle - she wasn't sure what she'd done to it, although she had vague recollections of twisting into a new position to suck her boyfriends cock - sent her crying to the doctor for something for the pain. He took pity on her, prescribing percocets, but advising against taking them unless absolutely necessary.

So she managed to hold off on taking them the first night, instead opting for the also prescribed sleeping pill. It was very difficult to find a painless sleeping position, so after not sleeping for two nights in a row, she was dying for the magic little pills to take the pain away.

She took one about an hour before bedtime, as perscribed. But, as soon as she lay down, everything started to appear hazy, a fog encircling everything in her vision. She felt like she was floating above her bed. The urge to giggle hit, and she started laughing uncontrollably. She couldn't stop and couldn’t figure out why.

So, there she lay, naked on her clean sheets, her body feeling fuzzy, laughing at the ghosts in her head. All she could think of, all she could wish for, was for him to be there, next to her, fingers lazily tracing a pattern around her nipples, which were already erect and aching. Well, since he wasn't there, her fingers would have to do. But in her state of mind, it felt like they weren’t even her fingers. It was like disembodied hands were submitting to her every whim.

She traced around the tips, so lightly, enjoying the tingling sensations that shot straight through to her moistening core. Her other hand travelled down to her clit, stroking the hood a few times, enjoying the sensation of it blossoming. As her middle finger fluttered above it, the urge to suck on a cock was overwhelming. Unfortunately for her, one wasn't available, and her dildo was too far to reach. Instead, she stopped playing with her nipples, and slowly began sucking her index finger. While it was nowhere NEAR what she needed, it did the job as the fingers on her other hand slid down her slit and into her hole, adopting the same rhythm as it's counterpart.

The slurp of her greedy pussy echoed through the room as it grabbed her digit and sucked it in. But one wasn't enough. She needed more. Her head felt like it was made of marshmallow, and the air surrounding her glowed. She withdrew her finger, and added a second. Slowly, she penetrated to the first knuckle, and withdrew, over and over. She sucked feverishly on her finger, torturing herself with a slow pace, as she knew he would if he was there.

Her breath was coming in short gasps, and she knew that she couldn't keep this up all night. Her senses were heightened, and every part of her felt like it was tingling. Her nerve endings were all at the surface. She abandoned the slow pace, adding a third finger and pummeling her cunt, using her now free other hand to abuse her engorged clit.

Within a few minutes, she was over the edge, gasping and flying, the whole room spinning and convulsing with her. Her thighs had a vice grip on her hands and although she knew she had contorted into several previously unknown positions, she wasn't in any pain.

Instead, she lay there, panting, sweating, spent.

And smiling.

As she drifted into dreamland, she couldn’t wait for her next dose.


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