Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Round Nine is in the books!

I can't believe it. No, I really can't. I'm being serious. 

Well, I have NO idea how it happened (because I didn't even vote for myself), but I managed to actually win Round Nine of Alison Tylers Smutathon. I had some serious competition in this, from the lovely scribes May Deva, Joss Lockwood, Emma Hillman, and Dorla Moorehouse.The two winners (one chosen by the readers, and one chosen by special guest judge Lucy Felthouse of Erotica For All) are to be posted on the Erotica For All website shortly. Can you believe it? I'm squeee-ing on the inside.

The assignment was to find a picture that inspires you - and write 3,ooo words on it. Yep, you read that right - 3,000. My picture was taken by a very good friend of mine during the recent lunar eclipse. So, I give you to you...

Lovers Eclipse

Ali slammed her front door, shaking off her anger with her jacket. “Fuck!” she exclaimed, whipping the leather across the room. Of all fucking nights for her car to be a stubborn piece of machinery, tonight was not the night she would have chosen.

She glanced at her watch. Less than one hour until the lunar eclipse, and she couldn’t get to her destination.
Stomping up the stairs, she allowed herself to be a twelve-year old brat for just one minute. Two weeks planning this and it would all be for naught because her goddamned alternator belt snapped. She poured out a shot of Jack, tossed it back and poured another. 

Flopping on the sofa, she picked up the phone and dialed Brent. She didn’t look forward to telling him that their romantic night was going to be non-existent. He was going to be pissed. He’d warned her that the belt was going, but she figured she could hold off until the New Year. Yep, that was her - the procrastination queen.

He answered on the first ring. “Why aren’t you on your way here?” Her heart raced at the sound of his voice. They were new - THIS was new. She’d never had her heart race like this before, not from the sound of someone’s voice.

“I’m sorry. You were right. I should have listened. The car...” her voice broke and trailed off, and she shot back the rest of her drink. A sob hitched in her throat. She heard him sigh.

“Ali, relax. The belt went, didn’t it?” She nodded even though she knew he couldn’t see her. She bit her lip, fighting back the tears. Tonight was supposed to be their night - their first time. By now she should be racing along the highway to his place, where he would have gotten the living room ready.

She could see the preparations in her mind - the fire burning red hot, the polar fleece blanket she gave him spread in the middle of the rug, with fluffy pillows spread out all over. The moon would be shining through his picture window, full, romantic. SIGH. He would have opened the wine, two glasses poured and waiting on the coffee table. She had the strawberries and chocolate in her car, all ready to go.

The plan was to have their first night together, under the lunar eclipse. He had these giant picture windows and an uninterrupted view of the night sky. She was dying to fuck him. They’d teased each other for weeks, not wanting to rush things, but unable to keep their hands off each other. And now, because she was such an idiot, it wasn’t going to happen. She felt like she could just crawl into a hole and die at that very minute.

“Ali? It’s ok. It’s not your fault. I mean, well, it IS since you wouldn’t listen to me and I was RIGHT...” his voice trailed off, realizing that he couldn’t tease her right now. 

“It’s just...I want to be with you so badly, and it would have been so romantic...” her voice trailed off again.
Sitting in his living room, Brent’s mind raced. He was waiting for this night for a long time too. But he didn’t drive and the cab wouldn’t get there in time. Was there still a way to pull this off?

“Ali.” his voice was soothing, slow, trying to keep her calm. “Breathe honey.” He could hear her fighting back the tears. “I’ve got this. Listen to me, and do what I say.” He outlined his instructions to her, making sure that she understood what he wanted. Making sure that she was calm. “When you’re done, and everything is ready, call me back.”

She took a deep breath. “Ok. I’ll call you soon.” She hung up the phone, her eyes sparkling again. She wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but she couldn’t wait to find out.

When she called him back thirty minutes later, her living room looked like the oasis she had pictured in her mind. A fluffy blanket was in front of the sliding glass doors that led out to her back deck, with pillows, and a bottle of wine with a full glass poured. The strawberries were on a platter next to her, and in the background, Bruce Springsteen was crooning about everybody having a hungry heart. She nodded in agreement with him. Only it wasn’t just her heart that was hungry for Brent - it was her body too. Too bad it wouldn’t be satisfied tonight.

She lay down in the center of the rug, gazing up at the night sky. The moon was full and bright white, casting a spotlight on her naked form. But it wouldn’t be for long. She picked up her cordless phone, punched the hands free button, and dialed his number, her heart racing in anticipation.


“Hi. I’m ready.” She breathed. 

“Have some wine. I am.” She reached for her glass, sipping at the cold sweet liquid. He heard her gasp. “Should have sat up before drinking sweetie.” He could see the droplets running between her breasts as she laughed. “How did you know?”

“Because I know you. Now, see that moon? We’re the only ones in the world; it’s just for us. Lay back, close your eyes, and imagine I’m beside you. Really feel the heat from my body as I lie down.” She sighed. “Ok…”

His voice lowered.  “I can’t wait to touch you. Your skin looks so soft, so silky. My hand is caressing your cheek, my fingers tracing your full, plump lips.” Her eyes closed, her hands moved at his suggestion. “Can you feel me?”

“Mm hmm.” Her hand slid down the side of her face, fingertips feeling their way across her cheekbone to the edge of her mouth. His voice continued to lull her. “Those beautiful lips. One kiss will take my breath away. Kiss me Ali. Make me breathless.” Her lips parted as her tongue peeked out, moving from memory. Her neck arched up, as if he were laying there, waiting.

“I move down your neck, tracing my initials behind your ear, trailing across your nape. I can feel you shiver.” Her fingers followed his directions, pressing gently at the spot where her jaw met her earlobe, the spot guaranteed to make her moan.

Brent smiled at the sound. He lay there, sipping his glass of wine, gazing into the fire. With the moon out, there was no need for more light, and the balcony door was opened just a crack to allow the heat from the fireplace to escape. He pictured her lithe body, naked in the openness of her living room. If her neighbours had their binoculars out, they would be getting quite the show. Her breast, full and round, would be rosy with her excitement. Her nipples would be hard, straining and begging for attention. 

His cock throbbed in his boxers, and he forced himself not to touch it. Soon enough – tonight they would come together. He took another sip of wine, and whispered into the phone. “Your breasts are gorgeous. Look at those nipples. I can’t resist a taste. But, well...” he paused, “maybe I should play with them first.”

Ali’s palms smoothed their way down her neck to her breasts, her fingers instantly moving to her buds like a magnet. As she pinched them, rolling them between shaking fingers, she recalled the last time he’d done that. Lying on his bed, with his hazel eyes gazing into hers, his soft lips curled into his trademark smirk that she found so endearing. His fingers pulled at them, his palms flattened them, only to twist them back into stiff peaks before his mouth closed over them, sucking and nibbling on them until she was practically crying for release.

She whimpered again as her hands mimicked his from memory. He grinned on the other end of the phone. “Sweetheart, have some more wine. But don’t sit up to drink it.” With her eyes still closed, she obediently reached for the glass, squealing once again as the cold liquid dripped down her torso. “Hmmm, sloppy girl. I’ll bet the wine caused goose bumps. Am I right?” 

Ali nodded. “Yes.” She softly replied, her voice dreamy as her one hand continued to play with her nipple. “Well, we shouldn’t waste the wine. Let me lick it up. Where did it drip to?”

“Down my stomach, it’s pooling in my belly button, and dripping down to my ...” her voice paused, shy for some reason. He smiled tenderly at the phone. He would go easy on her – for now. “I’m thirsty. I’m just going to lick this wine up. Interesting path it’s taken. Use your hands; tell me where I need to go next. I’m at your belly button...”

Her hands shook as they moved through the rivulet of wine down her body. “Move further down. pussy is so wet, and not just from the wine.”

“Good girl.” He murmured. “Are you hot?”

“Mmm-hmm. And so wet.” Brent’s cock shot to full hardness and length again. Fuck this – it was time he got in on the game. “Baby, I’m so hard for you. Can you feel it? Pressed against your thigh?” He removed his boxers, his cock cooling in the night air. He lay back down on the blanket, reclining against the pillows, the moon in his view as he gently ran his hand around the head. A drop of pre-cum stuck to his palm, leaving a trailing string as he pulled away.

“Stroking it against your thigh baby, just the way you like it.” His hand stroked it lightly, rubbing across the top with one finger. He shuddered, his other hand moving to play with his balls. He groaned, closing his fist around the base, and stroking up, using the pre-cum as a lubricant. 

“Ali...can you feel my fingers on your clit?” His voice was a little strangled, as he struggled to keep his breathing even. “Can you feel me flicking it?” Her breath came through the phone in a gasp. Brent smiled, picturing her fingers pinching and rolling that sensitive little bud, wishing that he was doing it for her. Instead he squeezed his balls, rolling his sack between his fingers, tugging on it.

Ali’s fingers were guided by Brent’s voice. She knew what he wanted her to do. Her hand slipped between her thighs, her middle finger running up her wet slit. As it skimmed over her clit, she paused, applying pressure on the tip. Her knees quivered. She opened her eyes, glancing at the night sky. The eclipse was starting. A shadow was moving just barely across the moon.

“Brent. The moon...” 

“I see it baby. See, I told you we’d be together.” His voice was warm. “Now, slip one finger into your cunt.” He heard her gasp at the vulgarity – he knew it turned her on though. “How hot are you?”

Ali’s finger penetrated her hole. A moan escaped her lips as her muscles clenched around the invasion. “So. Hot.” She managed to get the words out.

Brent fisted his cock faster, his hand sliding effortlessly up and down the shaft. His gaze went out to the moon, and the shadow sliding across. His voice was low. “Suck on your finger. Tell me how you taste.”

Ali didn’t hesitate. She plunged her fingers into her mouth, sucking off her juices. “I’m sweet, and a little salty.” He moaned, not having had the pleasure of tasting her himself just yet. “I can’t wait to find out. Since I can’t tonight, let’s make it a little more enjoyable for you. Take the biggest strawberry you can find. Get one that’s longer than the rest.”

Her eyes widened at his suggestion. Surely he didn’t want her to...? Her pulse raced, and she felt dizzy. She’d never done this before. As she selected the longest one, she sent a quick prayer of thanks to the organic gardeners that grew the berries she bought at the market. “Got it.”

His voice seductive, he gave her more instructions. “Take a bite. Is it sweet?” He knew she loved strawberries. “Yes.” His hand stilled on his cock, which felt ready to explode at any minute. He knew that if he kept stroking, he wouldn’t last too much longer, and tonight wasn’t a race.

“Now rub it up and down your lips honey. And I’m not talking about that gorgeous mouth.” Ali’s hand moved slowly, relishing in the exotic feeling of the fruit on her clit. “Are you done?”

“Uh huh.” 

“Move the phone to between your thighs. Then, I want you to mix the juices together. I want to hear every sound.” He could hear the bump as she set it down hard. Then...there is was. The squelching, the moaning, the unmistakeable sounds of a wet, invaded pussy. He groaned, his hand moving back to his hard cock, which was sore from holding back.

“Now, finger yourself again. And then, tell me how you taste.” He glanced out at the moon, surprised to see it blocked by half now. He lay on his stomach, rubbing his hard on against the softness of the blanket beneath him. It felt so good, and would help delay coming for a while. Of course, imagining that he was fucking her wasn’t helping. Imagining being enveloped in that sweet body was only making him crazy.

“Mmm oh Brent.” She cooed his name. “I taste so good – so sweet, so ... delicious.” He groaned again. She was playing now. She was done being the playee and wanted to jump into the game. He could hear her take a slurp from her glass. “And it mixes so well with the wine.” His movements got more frantic.

“Brent?” She practically whispered into the phone. “I’m dying to come. Are you?”

He glanced out at the sky and the almost eclipsed moon. “Oh yeah baby. And we’re going to come together. Watch the moon, and listen to me.”

Ali scooted further towards the door. Her legs were spread wide, her breasts heaving. “Imagine me inside you. My hard cock thrusting against you, feeling your silky pussy around me.” He gasped. “Can you imagine how good that will feel?”

Ali panted, her fingers fucking her hole, her juices flowing down over her wrist. Her other hand rubbed frantically at her clit. “Mmmm yes. Oh god Brent, I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

He leaned back against the pillows again, his prick in his fist, stroking hard, stroking fast. “I wish I was inside you right now. I want to feel you come. I want to feel how tight, how wet you are.” The moon was turning red.

“Bren...t. I’m going to...I need to...” Ali’s breath was coming in short gasps, and he could hear her on the edge of what he hoped was a gushing, cosmic orgasm. His hands flew and he gave her what she needed to hear.

As the last sliver of the pale moon disappeared behind the shadow, and the moon turned red, he felt his own load coming up. “Come for me Ali. Come with me Ali.”

As if triggered by his voice, her cunt spasmed around her fingers and she cried out his name. It was like a trigger for his own release. White hot jets of relief spurted over his stomach, and he collapsed on the floor, exhausted.
Ali was still panting. He pulled the phone over to his ear, clicking off the speaker phone. “Ali?”

“Brent?” She sounded exhausted. 

“Are you ok beautiful?”
“Yes.” And he could hear the smile in her voice. “But next week that damn belt is getting fixed.”


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Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Wooh! Major congratulations, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

'I can't believe it. No, I really can't. I'm being serious.'

Hahaha! Neither can I!
My goodness, you are a total anti hero!

P.S.: Now that I've got a gmail, I couldn't resist it. ;)

Miz Angell said...

Dayle: Thanks gorgeous! Nothing compared to your amazing prose, but hey - it works - obviously!

Anonymous: Thanks - I think. You've got a gmail, and yet still post anon? Me thinks there's shenanigans afoot....:P

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Thanks - I think. You've got a gmail, and yet still post anon? Me thinks there's shenanigans afoot....:P`

You know what they say, 'If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.' :P

Glad you're talking. Thanks - I think.

Let see... name me Alexander then. But YOU can call me Alex.

Miz Angell said...

Alex huh? Hmmm - mystery...I love a mystery. Tell me Alex, do we know each other IRL?

Anonymous said...

Let's say we both know the amazing Alison Tyler. Hmmm.

Miz Angell said...

Well "Alex" - welcome. I hope you stick around for awhile. :D