Monday, April 2, 2012

Day Two - Your Turn

(Here's the second poem for NaPoWriMo - tomorrow we'll be back to one a day. This was writtten from a prompt sent to me by a friend attempting to assist in getting through my writers block. )

Your Turn

So I'm writing this to tell you that I miss you.

I hate not knowing what's going on with you
I hate not being able to hear your voice
I had a dream the other night that 
only you could help me through
and I can't tell you about it

And I know you'll never see this
and I know I put the distance there
but it's now up to you to cross it

My wheels are flat from months
of traveling over broken promises,
bullshit tales,
and tears of glass
to get to you.

your turn to fight the elements,
your turn to cross the desert
to get to me.

but i guess you don't think the trip
is worth it.

too bad.
because if you really knew what you were
missing now,
you have no idea
how good you could have had it
in the future.

I only get better.

take care.


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