Friday, June 12, 2009

a flash of kink....

Ok, this is definately an idea I need to (and WILL) expand on. I credit the inspiration for it to JD Robb and her In Death series (I don't know how happy she would be to hear that LOL). I am currently reading Portrait in Death and while the books are not obviously sexual (unless you count the scenes between Eve & Roarke), if you're in the frame of mind I'm often can find sex in just about every one of them.

Ms. Tyler wanted something kinky and I tried to give her something different from the norm. I hope I succeeded.


Puppet on A String

What had I agreed to?

Giant pulleys were everywhere, attached to a leather harness by wires. I was in that harness. Leather encircled my wrists, head, neck, torso, ankles. Otherwise, I was naked.

I stood there, waiting. He sat across from me, naked as well. His cock stood at full attention, adorned with a thick black ring. His one hand toyed with a group of wooden handles, the other, with his erection.

“Ready?” No time to speak as he yanked on a few handles. I flew into the air, suddenly horizontal, my head above his penis. He slowly released one handle, and I was lowered enough that I could take him in my mouth. I felt my head jerk upwards and realized that a wire was attached to the strap around my head. With constant pulling and releasing, he was orchestrating his own blowjob. I was helpless, and knowing that, my pussy was instantly wet.

When he thought I’d had my fill of him, he maneuvered me into an upright position, using the pulleys to spread my legs. My arousal was evidenced by the sheen on my inside thighs. Positioning himself under me, he lowered me onto his prick.

No words were spoken, but I gasped as his length penetrated me. He moved me up and down his shaft, controlling the speed, and the force, watching my face as he controlled me. I could do nothing, but give in to the absolute pleasure and enjoy being his puppet.

©Miz Angell (06.12.09)

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Nemo said...

Now that's a puppet show I would not want to miss! Phew...think it's time for a nice lie-down!