Friday, June 12, 2009

Alison's birthday????

Ok, I'm a bit behind on everything these days, but I had no idea how far until I visited my good friend Dayle's blog, and noticed that today we are celebrating a special birthday (we're not exactly sure WHAT day it is, but they in the blog-o-sphere have decided to break out the cake & champagne today). I figured I'd jump on board the bday train for a woman who changed my life.

So....*A-HEM* on this day mumble...mumble years ago, a new life was brought forth to us.

A baby girl, who would later on in life alter the face of written erotica as it was known. She would go on to coin several phrases, and would forever change the meaning of the word Trollop.

She is many things to many people. A giant ball of contradictions, she is what the moment dictates it needs her to be. She is shy and bold. She is confidant and insecure. She is both a day of race cars and espresso and a lazy day of margaritas and sunshine.

She is the bubbles in our champagne.

Without her, many of us wouldn't know what it is to be a published author. Without her, many of us wouldn't know how good we can be. We wouldn't strive to be better, or to even have as much fun with our sexuality as we do.

She is encouragement and support personified.

Personally, I've only been published once, and it was thanks to her that I am. She saw merit in one of my shorts, and took a chance at including it in an anthology that has now been on the top of Amazon's Literature & Fiction list since it's release. I am honored to be included amongst the great names in Frenzy.

So, today, I wish our very own Trollop, Alison Tyler, the happiest of birthdays. And thank her for being who she is. (and follow the link above to party hop, drink your fill, and meet some very interesting and kinky people).

I hope Sam spoils you rotten, spanks you until you can't sit straight, and then serves you dinner with a smile (and nothing else).

2 horny thoughts:

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Cool! Let Alison know to come see your blog!

Alison Tyler said...

Thank you thank you thank you!