Tuesday, November 17, 2009

deliciously depraved....

I've been having the most deliciously naughty thoughts about you. The darkest, most erotic fantasies starring you. You with your fabulous body, and your charismatic smile. I love that you have fangs - it fulfills every fantasy I've ever had.

I can't remember the last time I was fucked by a hard body. Not that I'm complaining about my lovers - they, after all, have given me hours upon hours of pleasure, countless cosmic orgasms. I've come buckets of satisfaction over hard cocks, probing fingers, and delving tongues.

I've twisted my body around car bumpers, desperately matching lips while being thrust into from behind. I've wrapped my thighs around strong hips, while brick walls abraded my back, riding into oblivion while on a tequila high. I've contorted into positions I never thought I could for the simple pleasure of taking a hard on down my throat while my pussy's been licked clean by a third person.

Oh yes, my past has fulfilled many desires, many times.

But something about you brings out the darkness, the evil in me. Because I know, that for once in the longest time, this can't hurt me.

Emotions are nowhere to be found. I am riding waves of pure desire. It's all about lust. Your hard cock, my wet cunt. A perfect match for a night of depravity. I dream about your lips, how they'd feel on mine, how they'd leave hot trails down my neck, pulling back from your gleaming white teeth when they found the perfect spot to sink into my neck.

Draw blood if you must but leave me a reminder that you were there.

Throw me against the wall, kissing me fiercely. Rip off my clothing, leaving me in rags. Give me no peace, no romance, no courtly manners. Let me hear the words I need. Delectable, hungry fuck words - filthy, smutty, soiled whispers. Don't tell me I'm beautiful, don't mention love. Pretty words fill the silence, nothing more. Instead call me your whore. Your wish is my command. Show me who's in charge, open my eyes to the master.

I see your bare chest, imagine how smooth the skin would be when I raked my nails down, tracing the outline of your six pack with my lips on my way down to the heavy rod between your taut thighs.

I imagine the taste of you - sweat and heat, ice and life. You are a bright and shiny new toy for me to tarnish, to mark. I'm an easy target, a wet heat that surrounds your cock.

Grasp my hair with both fists. Fuck my mouth. Revel in the feel of my tongue bathing your shaft, gasp as I show you the art of deep throating.

When you're ready to come, shooting your load down my throat, don't. Instead, pull me up to stand on shaky legs, thighs quivering with anticipation, knees scraped and bloodied.

This is all about you - my pleasure lies within giving you pleasure. Probe between my lips, finding me wet, finding me wanting. Take no more time, but drive into me, ignoring my whimpers. Make me cry out loud. Show me no mercy, no weakness.

Fuck me until I scream in pain and relief of release. And then fuck me some more. Once you're ready for relief, shove me back to my knees. Force your head between my kiss bruised lips, and watch with satisfaction as I swallow every last drop of you.

All lust, no love. And ultimately...



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