Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In dreams....

I’m dreaming of you.

But you knew that already, didn’t you.

Before we met, before I even saw you, somehow you knew that you’d have this affect on me. And then you took one look in my eyes, and seared yourself into my subconscious.

We chatted and smiled, and all the while, your gaze trickled over me, stroking me as if your hands had reached over the table and slipped beneath my bra. 

My nipples hardened and I wanted desperately to feel your hands on them.  To feel you pinch them, twist them, lick them.

Your tongue took on a life of its own as we spoke.  I watched it with every word that fell from your lips.  I felt it between my thighs, its tip flicking my clit, the length entering me, fucking me as thoroughly as your cock.  I was sure you could smell my hormones, feel my wetness, hear my heart beating and taste the desire in my blood.

But you just kept smiling, and talking, all the while hypnotizing me with your voice, your stare, your energy.

I would have been easy to take.  The right word, the right move.

One kiss.

The urge to drag you off to any of the rooms along the corridor was overwhelming, and yet I sat, behaving, while my inner whore begged to come out to play.  You could have bent me over the table, pulled up my skirt, and had me in every way you desired.  And I would have screamed, and cried, and begged for more.

But you just kept smiling, and talking, all the while fucking me with your voice, your stare, your mind.

I’ll dream of you tonight.

But you already know that.

Don’t you?


2 horny thoughts:

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

and ummm...phew....HAWT girl

Jeremy Edwards said...

Sensational piece!