Sunday, April 25, 2010

Head Bitch In Charge

Another flash for Ms. A.Tyler. This contest was sponsored by Metal Taboo, one of the sexiest jewelery makers over on etsy. If you haven't checked them out, what are you waiting for? Go over there now. You know how to get back here - this can wait.

*Jeopardy theme*

You're back? Cool! So let me know what you think. I wrote it at work, which might have been a mistake.....


The Expert

“Brenda Jones.” Dani’s eyes scanned the card she was handed. Then her gaze took inventory of the woman in front of her, noting the Jimmy Choos, the Dolce suit, the Tiffany earrings.

“So. You’re the efficiency expert.” Her tone was dripping with disdain, but her back was up. This was Dani’s turf. She’d been the only woman in upper management for five years. And she wasn’t giving that up without a fight. Unfortunately, her cool demeanor wasn’t rattled. Dani tried again.

“Is it B.J. for short?” She almost snickered. Still no response. Her icy fa├žade was getting Dani wet. She despised weakness. Brenda was showing none; unlike the spineless men she had working under her. Dani jerked her head towards the lift. “Let’s go down.” Finally B.J.’s eyes sparkled at the double entendre. Dani’s pussy twitched, her nipples hardened. “Meet the inefficient mooks you’ll be rating.”

They got in the elevator, Dani’s juices soaking her thong. She pushed the button for their destination, twenty-five floors below. Her clit throbbed. Brenda spoke.

“I’ll be rating your efficiency too.” Dani turned, finding a heated gaze pointed at her crotch. In one fluid movement, Dani was against the wall, Brenda’s face under her skirt. “Like how quickly you get off before we have to. Those initials on my card? H.B.I.C?” She inserted two fingers into her dripping snatch, her tongue on her clit. Dani moaned loudly, as Brenda flicked her clit and thrust into her hard.

“I’m the head bitch in charge.”


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