Monday, February 26, 2007

Strangers In the Night

I awoke with a start, in a state of panic. I couldn't move my arms! They were tied to the bedposts with a red scarf. I surpressed a scream as I looked down at my body and realized that I was naked! I couldn't figure out what was going on, and a feeling of helplessness came over me.

"About time you woke up."

I turned my head and saw him sitting there, stroking a huge erection in one hand, and holding a drink in the other. I opened my mouth to speak, to ask what the hell was going on, but before I could, he silenced me with a hard look. Then, standing up, he continued to stroke himself as he gave me instructions. It didn't take me long to figure out what was up.

"Now, here is how this will work. First of all, you will NOT speak, or make a sound, unless I ask you a question. Then you will answer. Other than that, I don't want to hear your voice. If you speak out of line once, you will be punished. Twice, you will be gagged. You will do as I tell you, EXACTLY as I tell you, or you will once again be tied up. Do you understand?" I nodded my head at him. He threw his drink on me, and I could smell gin. "I didn't hear you bitch."

"Yes." I said softly. He smirked.

"Good." His hand was still pumping his dick, and I was mesmerised by every action. "I'm going to untie you now. After I do so, I am going to begin licking the liquid off your body. You are allowed to do whatever you want with your hands, EXCEPT you can't go near your pussy, your tits, or my dick." With that, he kissed me hard, his tongue lashing with mine as he jammed two fingers into my cunt. I whimpered against his mouth, and he moved to my ear, rasping "Feels good, don't it?" I couldn't answer. "Don't it?" he repeated, and jammed them in harder. My back arched and I buried my nails into his back, raking them down as he licked the bitter liquid from my tits, concentrating on my nipples. I tried not to moan in ecstasy, biting my lip to keep silent. He sucked on it, and it hardened instantly. I could feel his hard prick rubbing up against my leg. I remembered what it looked like with him stroking it, and I ached for him to put it deep inside me.

"Please fuck me." I didn't know that I had spoken those words aloud. His blue eyes stared at me as he withdrew his mouth from my breasts. He cuffed me upside the head. "That's just a warning babe. Next time is the real punishment." He resumed sucking my nipples, his hands stroking my hips. I pulled his head in closer, my hands stroking his hair. He moved down my body, lapping like a dog down my stomach and across my groin. I clamped my lips together, so I wouldn't giggle as it tickled. The giggles behind my teeth turned to silent moans inside my head as he travelled down to my clit. He flicked it a few times to tease me, and my head thrashed back and forth with the torture at having to remain silent. Then he dove in, plunging his tongue into my slit.

"Fuck you taste good. Do you know how good you taste?" I shook my head. "Finger yourself. Take your middle fingers and shove them in there." My hand resisted, so he showed me how. "I can't believe a tramp like you doesn't know how to get herself off." He shoved my hand in and out, and my breath came in short, heavy gasps. He used his other hand to pinch my clit. I was so ready to cum. He forced my hand from my pussy and brought it to my lips. "Lick." he ordered me, and I did, slowly, sensually, my lips sliding up and down my fingers, sucking, tugging. He stroked his hard on once again, watching me intently. The he stood up beside the bed.

"On your knees bitch." I obediently knelt in front of him. "Suck my cock, just like you were sucking your fingers." Grasping his throbbing prick in my right hand, I put my lips to his head, licking the crown, then lapping at the shaft. My left hand caressed his balls, my mouth enveloping his entire cock. Up and down I sucked, my head bobbing. He groaned and he sank his hands in my hair. "Oh yeah baby. That's it. Suck it, suck it hard. Do you like that? Do you like sucking cock?" I nodded my head, and he pulled my hair back violently. "Answer me."

"I love sucking cock. I can't get enough of it." He grinned. "I knew it baby." He pulled my head in again. I circled his prick with my tongue, tugging on the head. He groaned and pulled me away.
"Now, on your hands and knees. I'm gonna fuck you like the bitch you are." As I silently obeyed, he continued to talk. "You are a little bitch aren't you?" He slammed into me, and I screamed. "Aren't you?? Let me hear you say it."

"Yes," I whimpered, "I am a bitch." He slammed his cock in again and again. "REPEAT IT."
"I-am-a-bitch." I repeated through clenched teeth as each slam came harder and father than the last. He got a rhythm down then.

"Your pussy is so hot. God you feel so terrific. You feel fuckin' great."

The forced silence got to me, and I had to say something. I figured he was too far gone to be keeping me to the terms, so I spoke. "So do you. You're so hard..." He pulled my head back, and I moaned in pain and pleasure.

"Did I ask you to talk slut? Did I give you permission to speak or make ANY noise?" He withdrew his dick. "I warned you, you'd be punished. Now I guess the little bitch doesn't get fucked." He went back to jacking his cock, smiling all the way. " beg for it. Yeah, sluts like you are always begging for it. And remember, I can get off by fucking your face. You can't cum until I LET you. So what's it gonna be?" He knelt beside me, pulling my hair, and kissing me hard, bruising my mouth. He whispered in my ear "Now, let me hear you beg." His hand approached my pussy, and just the heat from his skin caused my clit to ache with longing.

"Please. Please fuck me."

"Fuck you like...."

"Please fuck me like the slut I am. I need it, I need it bad."

"You need what bad baby?"

"Your cock."

"You got it." With that, he pushed me face first on the bed, and started fucking me again, bent over, kissing my back and grabbing my tits. "Play with your clit." My fingers reached down between my legs, and started rolling my clit between them. After only a minute of his hard strokes, and my own fingers, I started to shudder. He leaned over and nipped my ear. "Are you going to cum?" I could barely nod with the anticipation of it.


"Let me hear it. I wanna hear you cum LOUD. Got it?" He thrust harder and deeper, and I felt the warmth in my cunt trying to spill out of me. I whined, and whimpered and when I came, I moaned and screamed so loudly I was sure they heard me in the next house. He withdrew and brought me to my feet. He lay me on the bed, face down again, with my feet hanging over the edge. He stood beside it, wrapped my legs around his waist, and told me how he was going to fuck me. My arms braced my body on the bed. He was slowly entering me, and then withdrew, just as slowly. He was driving me crazy, not even giving me enough time to come down from that first earth shattering orgasm. Then he started to spank me.

"Oh yeah honey. This is good. You love it rough." That wasn't a question, it was a statement, so I didn't answer, although I thought that the answer was obvious. He began fucking me faster and faster, spanking me in between thrusts. My cunt was getting hotter again, as I felt another orgasm coming. "Oh my God," I moaned, not caring about anything now. "I'm going to cum again."

"So shut up about it and do it." he panted, his own orgasm building up. I moaned again as I came, harder and hotter than the last one. As my arms gave way, he dropped my legs and I slid to the ground. He grabbed my head by the hair again.

"Swallow me whore." His hand was pumping his dick, and he forced my head onto it. I didn't have time to think as hot jets of cum spurted out and hit the back of my throat. All I could do was swallow what he gave me. When he was done, he lightly tapped my face.

"Thanks for the fun." And just like that, he was gone.

And I didn't even get his name.


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