Friday, August 17, 2007

Being Chase(d)

Angie felt his eyes on her, as she wiggled and wound her hips to the rocking beat of the band. Casting a coy glance over her shoulder, sure enough, she met his amused stare. He knew what she was up to.

And if Chase was being honest with himself, he couldn’t have been happier about it.

Angie had caught his eye awhile ago, but he always figured he didn’t register on her radar. After all, he was older than her – although not enough to really matter in this world – but the other kicker was that they were both married. She was a major flirt though – even with the women – and he wasn’t sure he remembered how to handle someone like that. So he went quietly about his business, and nodded politely and said hello when the situations warranted.

Until this summer.

Working together closely was something that the company was all about – it was one big incestuous family. People dated, people fucked, sometimes the company grapevine found out about it, sometimes not. But gossip was always rampant and it was tough to figure out what to believe and what not to. So Chase just let it all go in one ear and out the other. Besides, speculation was always more interesting than the real details.

Or was it?

When it came to Angie, Chase found himself listening extra closely if the gossip concerned her. He realized he WANTED to know the truth, but was way too polite to ask her. But if the rumors were true, her marriage was going south like a bullet train to Tennessee. And where THAT would lead her, was anyone’s guess.

He was the first to break eye contact, his gaze traveling down her neck, to her shoulders which were left bare by the revealing tank top she wore, to her luscious hips and ass. His cock stirred in his jeans. Not for the first time that night he noted to himself, as he tried to discreetly adjust his hard on.

Unfortunately for him, his timing was way off, as Angie chose to turn and face him at just that precise moment. Her eyes zeroed in on his hands and the bulge they covered. Her lips, shiny with gloss, opened to form an almost perfect O in “shock”, and her big brown eyes, outlined in heavy black liner, twinkled evily.

Angie glanced down at Chase’s bulging crotch & subtly ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. With a come-hither look in her eyes, she turned to the usher on her left.
“Ali, I’ll be right back. Just gotta tell Chase something.” She took a long swallow of beer from her can, and set it down behind Ali. She did a quick tit adjustment, and turned around with a saucy smile that made all sorts of promises.

When she was right in front of him, her body mere inches away, she leaned towards his ear. Despite having to overpower the band, her voice was still husky. “See something you like Chase?” He closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. It was a combination of summer berries, baby powder, and beer.

Chase would normally just smile and laugh it off with a casual “Oh yeah baby. Joe Elliot’s looking FINE.” Instead, he was surprised to hear himself saying “Yeah girl, I see a whole lot I like. And it’s all standing in front of me.” Angie looked stunned, but quickly recovered. Feeling a little bold after that beer, her first in a long while combined with the fact that she had just come off a thirteen hour shift, she glanced around to make sure no one was paying attention, and then moved in closer, so they were practically touching. She looked him dead in the eye.

"So then I guess this," she brushed her hand against his crotch, "is for me?" She framed it as a question, but she already knew the answer. Chase inhaled sharply. Angie grinned, amused. Feeling euphoric, first from the beer and now the attention, she threw her head back and laughed. As her head went back, her hips moved forward, pushing her hand against his hard on.

Chase swallowed a groan, even though there was no chance to be heard by anyone. Angie leaned in and whispered "Oh Chase. You're a bad boy.....and I love to fuck bad boys." Her voice was like honey to his ears. "Let me know when you've got the balls to follow through." She leaned in, lightly brushing her lips across his. He felt a jolt of electricity run through him, as if his balls were directly connected to his lips.

He watched her walk away, completely oblivious to the fact that someone had stepped up next to him. He turned in surprise when Dalton spoke. "She's something isn't she?" Chase turned red, mumbling something about how he wouldn't know. Dalton laughed. "C'mon Chase. I'm not blind. I've been watching her watching you watching her for weeks now. She's one of my best friends. AND, might I add, a great fuck." He glanced at his watch. "Take my advice buddy. If she's sending the signals, she means it. Take her up on it. See what happens." He clapped him on the shoulder. "Gotta go - break time is over. Think about it. She's worth it."

As Dalton walked away, Chase thought about what he said. Could he? His cock, which seemed to have a mind of its own, agreed with Dalton. But, could he? He looked over at her, where she stood laughing at something Ali said. Her smile was bright, her eyes sparkling. She glanced over at him and wiggled her fingers in a little wave, and followed it with a wink. His cock practically lept out of his pants. He sighed, his decision apparently having been made for him.

As the show continued, his eyes kept drifting over to her. Chase was surprised. Normally she'd be bouncing all over the place, flirting with their co-workers, rubbing it in the faces of those who would love to have been cut was a game for them. But, he had a strange feeling she didn't want to move from his sight; that she wanted him to be watching her. And he was happy to oblige.

Unfortunately, the arrangement didn't last long. He sighed as he heard his name being called over the radio. "Go for Chase."

"Chase," Natasha's voice crackled over the radio. "I need you shut down West plaza twenty minutes before the end of the show. No one is to go back there. We'll have guards posted at all the entrances but I need two bodies back there to make sure that it's clear. I'm going to send Dalton as well. All you guys have to do is make sure that no patrons are back there. Have one of the girls clear the washroom before we put up the barricades."

"Copy that." He shut off his mic. Well, at least working with Dalton he'd have a good fourty minutes to gain some insight into Angie. Sneaking furitive glances over at her, he paid attention to the stage and listened carefully to his radio. He wouldn't want to miss Natasha's cue, especially since pissing her off would get him bridge duty - and no one EVER wanted to do bridge duty.

He watched as she finished her beer and disappeared into west plaza, presumeably to either visit the girl's room or to get another beer, when he reminded himself that alcohol was cut off ten minutes earlier. Oh well. She'd come out before they had to cut off access.

"Chase? Dalton? Head over to west plaza now - get Ali to check the washrooms before we set up the barricades." Or maybe not. As he walked towards Ali, he motioned for her to join him. She did so, giggling behind her hand. Chase stopped. "What?" She shook her head, eyes twinkling with a secret knowledge that she didn't plan on sharing; he didn't even have to ask to know that. The sisterhood stuck together in most cases. "Natasha wants you to check the ladies room before we cut access." Ali nodded and walked in.

Inside, Angie was standing there. "So, Ali. Are they shutting down west plaza?" Ali nodded her head and giggled again. "Oh you are so BAD Angie." "Ok, so Natasha did me a favour by putting Chase here, but who's his partner?" "Dalton." Ali whispered the name, and Angie grinned widely. This should be a piece of cake. Well, a piece of something anyway. She hugged Ali. "Ok, now, you know what to do."

Ali had one job, to make sure that NO ONE made it to west plaza - staff included. She'd have Dalton as back soon as he figured out what Angie was up to. Ali walked out, and she could hear her talking to Chase. "Yep, all clear." Her voice was loud enough to carry inside to Angie, and let her know that it was a go.

Angie counted to thirty, giving Ali plenty of time to exit the plaza and then she wandered out. "Hey guys." Her voice carried easily. She looked around confused. "Why is this place so empty?" Dalton turned around and she caught the barely perceptable wink he sent her. "They closed it down, so we don't have to worry about clearing it." Angie grinned. "Well, that was nice of them."

She wandered over to the railing by the game lounge, and leaned on it with her elbows, her neck craned to the sky. She stretched her left leg out behind her, causing her jeans to pull taut over her ass. Chase couldn't take his eyes off her in the moonlight. Dalton nudged him with his elbow. "Go get her. I'll watch the plaza."

Chase turned to him, unsure. Dalton, taking advantage of his hesitation, called out "Angie!" and shoved Chase in her direction. As she turned around, he flew right into her arms. She braced herself against the railing, and his arms flung out to stop them from going over into the lake.

With their mouths mere inches from each other, this was the opening Angie had been waiting for. She pressed her body against his, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. But it wasn't just a kiss - it was a promise and one that she intended to keep.

Her lips were soft on his, and her breath was sweet and minty - she'd obviously been planning this. Chase wasn't naive enough to believe that this was all a coincidence. Dalton was right - she wanted him. And he wanted her too. He was lost in her lips, lost in his thoughts when he was startled by her tongue. It snaked out of her mouth, tangling with his, and tracing a moist line around his lips.

He deepend their kiss, deepened their embrace until she was pressed against every part of him. Her lush breasts flattened against his chest, and despite the padding in her bra, he could feel her nipples standing at attention. His hands reached down to cup her ass and pull her even further to him.

He heard a chuckle in the background and broke away. Turning, he saw Dalton standing there. "Told you man." Chase was breathless, only able to give a thumbs up. Angie moved away from him, making her way to the far end of the railing, and disappearing around the corner. Chase, double checking with Dalton, followed. What he was almost made him come on the spot.

Angie stood there, her tank top discarded on the ground, her belt and jeans undone. He could see her bare skin revealed in the V where her zipper was down. Her hands were behind her back, and she toed the ground in front of her in mock nervousness. One look at her eyes, and she knew, she knew full well that she had him right where she wanted him. And it was right where he wanted to be too.

In two strides, he had her in his arms. He dipped his head to her ear and licked at the lobe, causing a shiver to go through her. His hands became busy with the clasp on her bra, and his mouth trailed down the side of her neck to the base, where he bit her. As she cried out, the last hook on her bra opened and her breasts fell free.

Dropping her bra along side of her, Chase held her tits in his hands. They were soft, heavy and warm. He ached to taste them. As if reading his mind, Angie, who hadn't said a word yet, put her hands under his, and offered them up to his mouth. The tip of her tongue touched her bottom lip and she nodded with lust in her eyes.

Angie waited to feel his lips on her nipples. She groaned at the contact and almost stumbled. Chase's arm shot out to catch her, and without changing his position, moved her back to the snack shack. With the support behind her, Chase let her go and began massaging her breasts, all the while circling her sensitive buds with his tongue.

Angie's breath came out in little gasps. She was hot, she was wet, and she was ready for him. She had waited all night, hoping that he would take her up on what she was willingly offering him. "Oh Chase." she moaned as he suckled her. Her voice sounded raw, even to her own ears.

Chase raised his head and grinned wickedly. "What's the matter little girl? Bite off more than you can chew?" Not waiting for a response, he kissed her again. This time he led the way, his lips bruising hers, translating all his lust into that one contact. Her hands reached up and grasped his shirt, pulling him closer again. Frantically, her hands made their way to his waist and hauled his shirt out of his pants. Her palms found the smooth surface of his chest, the hair on it soft and plush. Her nails curled in of their own will, and fueled by her lust, raked down in desperation. She leaned into him, found the pulse at the hollow of his throat and pressed her lips there.

Chase felt his breath hitch in his throat. "God Angie, I want you." Grabbing his shirt again, she pulled him in close. "So take me." With those three words, his cock almost exploded out of his pants. Kicking off his shoes and socks, and pulling his shirt over his head, he stood before her in only his jeans. "Now we're even." she managed to get out before he was attacking her again. Her hands went to his belt, frantically unbuckling it and ripping open the button that seemed to be the only thing keeping his hard on in place.

As Angie reached down the opening, she expected to encounter some form of underwear and was in shock when she touched flesh. Chase winked at her, and she giggled. Turning back to the task at hand, she shoved him away and opted to slowly pull down her only remaining item of clothing. Her thighs were slick, which made it a little more difficult to look sexy. But she managed to get them off without any major mishaps and the air filled with her scent. She traced a finger down her stomach to her freshly shaved pussy.

Chase's eyes followed the path her finger took, widening when he saw her dip it into her cleft. She moaned softly and closed her eyes. That was all the encouragement Chase needed. He dropped his pants faster than he ever had in his life.

They were both standing there naked, the night wind carressing their hot skin, Chase framed against the skyline of the city, the lights flashing from the Ex across the street, the moon piercing the night sky. Chase could hear the applause from the audience. He knew they didn't have much time. But, he had to, he just needed to....

He knelt in front of Angie, and using his thumbs, parted her lips. Spotting her clit, which wasn't hard to do as it was standing up, as if waiting for him, he pulled it into his mouth.

FUCK - Angie exploded on the spot. A wave of pleasure hit her like a ton of bricks as Chase fastened his lips to her and sucked. His tongue swirled around it, dipping lower to enter her. She gasped for air, as she shuddered again and again.

"Let me....I want to.....not fair...." she whispered.

Chase chuckled. He knew she couldn't wait to return the favour, to get her lips around his throbbing cock, and suck him dry. "Sorry sugar - there's not enough time tonight." He got to his feet, and she braced herself against the building. "What do you want now Angie?" His voice was low and seductive.

"Fuck me Chase. I want you to fuck me."

No more words were spoken. He lifted her leg and rammed his solid nine inches into her. She cried out and buried her head in his shoulder. He developed a rhythm, thrusting in time to the pulsating beat coming from the stage. Her nails raked across his back, causing exquisite pain and he thrust even harder. She cried out each time he rammed into her tight, hot hole. She was so wet, her excitement coated the inside of her thighs, making her slippery. He tightened his grip on her.

Angie was amazed. Every inch of his heavy hardness was rammed into her continuously, and she held back a strangled cry as she came yet again. The cool air did nothing to satiate the heat between them, and sweat and excitement covered every part of them. Her knees threatened to buckle as she melted against him.

Chase heard the applause from the concert, and realized that the band was going into their encore. That didn't leave much time if they didn't want to get caught by Natasha, who was bound to come down to the plaza to make sure all was well.

As Chase pulled out, Angie groaned in disappointment. He smiled, and jacked his dick a few times, just for show. "We have to hurry this one up honey. The show's gonna be over soon." Angie nodded. "So how do you want to finish?" She gave him a half a smile. He took her hand, and led her to the railing, where he bent her over. As she braced herself on the rail, he took hold of her hips and thrust into her again, causing her to scream. Fortunately, it was at that moment that the band took the stage again, and her voice got lost in the crowd.

Looking out over the water, Chase marvelled at this night. Who knew, when he got up for work that morning, that this is how it would happen? Glancing down at his cock pummeling in and out of Angie's wet pussy, he had a feeling that she knew.

His balls tightened, indicating he was ready to blow. He pulled out, expecting to jack off all over her back. Instead, Angie turned and got on her knees. Taking his slick member in her hot mouth, she swallowed every drop of come. He watched her throat working, and thought that he might come again.

She stood, wiping the back of her hand over her mouth, and planting a kiss on him. He could taste himself on her lips, on her tongue, and thought it was the sexiest thing ever.

They both got dressed in silence, and sure enough, just as he buckled his belt, he heard Natasha's voice calling his name.

With a wink and a smile, he emerged from behind the snack shack, and Angie sighed, gazing across the street.

She wondered what show she could take off next week.

©Miz Angell 2007

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