Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Flash: Hot and Fast

His hand grasps my hair; yanks my head back.

“Please.” I whisper.

His teeth sink into my neck. My thighs get soaked. “Please.”

His other hand reaches under my skirt, finding me wet. I bite my lip. He sinks his fingers into me violently.

“Please” I moan.

His tongue licks my lobe, trailing down to my collar bone, his fingers continuing their invasion.


His thumb finds my clit, repeatedly pushing that button. I’m so close to coming.

“Please.” I whimper.

His tongue replaces his thumb. My pulse throbs. My body falls. I shatter.

“Thank you.” He whispers.


4 horny thoughts:

Julie said...


**looks around**

Well....where IS everyone? What a luscious looking site my dear. Content is quite captivating too!

Thanks for the warning!

Julie said...

Is blogger screwing up??? Grrrrr.Now what did I write? Grrr....

Luscious looking site my friend. Electrifying content too!

You brought this to light in a most tactful manner....good for you!

Now let's see if the comment will post!!

Angell said...

Hey Julie - thanks for stopping by! Hopefully others will follow honey.

Slider said...

Hey Sexy,
This is quite a page. Keep the writting going you are very good.