Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Things that get me wet in public

Totally innocent things that send my blood racing through me and my thongs to become puddles of desire and heat.

13. Fingers lightly brushing the back of my neck - makes me instantly want to get on my knees and say Yes Master.

12. A smooth baritone (preferrably with a southern drawl but any one will do) saying "Hey Darlin'.."

11. Direct eye contact from a possible boy toy

10. A beautiful singing voice, regardless of what body it's attached to

9. Gorgeous biceps - I'm a sucker for arms - they dont' even have to be huge, just defined

8. Intelligence - nothing is sexier than a person who knows what they're talking about , even if I don't.

7. Denim jackets worn the right way, and NO popped collars

6. Tattoos, however when it totally covers an entire limb, I tend to steer clear - also not too crazy about facial tats

5. Almost-kisses. You know the ones - where the object of desire leans in so close and then just stops...leaving you wanting

4. Men's hands - if they're manicured, it means they take good care of themselves, but if not, it means that they're not afraid to get down and dirty

3. Musicians - if you can play a guitar or drums or keyboards and I'm's as good as gold.

2. The way a man's adam's apple bobs as he's swallowing his drink

1. Holding hands with the object of your desire, regardless of who it is

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