Friday, March 20, 2009

A Woman's Place (flash)

Another flash for the lovely Ms. T. This time, it's about sex toys - but not necessarily the conventional ones that we all think of. Anything can be a sex toy, and some entries in this contest prove it.

Personally, I think I might have needed more than 250 words on this one. But I'll do some more work on it later.


It was absolutely pristine. Nothing less than expected from world-class chef, and goddess, Jasmine James. All utensils and implements were in their place; stainless steel gleaming under hot white lights. The kitchen, like the woman, was cold perfection. Despite the beauty of my subject, I wasn’t looking forward to this interview.

A flash of colour at the sink caught my eye. Sitting on the edge was a mustard yellow scrub brush with an eight inch curved handle. It seemed out of place.

“It’s an Iannello.” Her husky voice came from behind. I turned around, finding myself wet as I took in her luscious mouth. Her green eyes swept me from head to toe in one glance. She took the brush from me, long fingers caressing the handle. “His items are designed to make women want to come … back to the kitchen.” She ran the bristles along the bare skin revealed by my v-neck. She circled the obvious tips of my nipples through the thin material, running it down my abs. Her breath was hot on my neck as she whispered “Lift your skirt.”

Helplessly I obeyed. Switching ends, she grazed my clit with the tip of the handle, sliding it down my moistness. Lifting my soaked thong to the side, she slowly fucked me with the brush, burying it in me to the hilt. I moaned softly. She thrust her hips against me, asking “Well, shall we get started?”

I gasped, “I’d rather finish first.”

So she let me.


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