Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Much for Later (flash)

The sounds of sex were what inspired Ms. Tyler's latest contest. This is my flash....hope y'all enjoy.


Rain spatters against the window, keeping time with my nails clicking on the keyboard. Working, always working. Never enough play time, not if the deadline is going to be met.


I ignore your audible frustration.

“Please baby?” Your normally smooth voice is growling, pleading. I shake my head as I type. One word escapes.

“Later.” My tone is annoyed, snappy.


I keep going, willing myself internally to finish this project. You can wait. You always do.

Not this time.


My ears perk at that familiar sound, but I refuse to be distracted.


Your denim shorts hit the hardwood by my feet, the button striking hard enough to echo. I bite my lip, trying to stay strong.

The couch exhales as you sit down, the air forced out of the suede cushions as you get comfortable.


My eyes close briefly. The scent of strawberries wafts through the air. My thighs are wet, and feel my pussy heating up.


“Mmmmhmmm.” Your tone is low, guttural. It’s SEX. Without even a look, I know that your hand is around your cock. That your fist is tight around it, slippery with the lubricant; that you’re stroking up, circling the head with your palm, then downstroking, just the way you like it done. I squirm, moving my clit against my chair.

Teeth grinding.


Squelches as you go faster, and faster still.

“Ohhhhhh! Uhhhh…..”

Heavy breathing, and my wet, aching hole are all that’s left.

Fucking work.

©Miz Angell 2009

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