Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tourism Video - Destination: Dirtyville/Kinkyville!

The absolutely wonderfully talented Willsin Row, has decided to expand the growing resume and add travel agent to the laundry list of talents already exhibited.

Check out this lovely little promo video for The Dirtyville Project, and tell me if you wouldn't want to vacation in either of the lovely little towns of Dirtyville or Kinkyville.

Personally, my bags are already packed. Gorgeous, practical, enivronmentally friendly bags found (along with other fantastic merchandise) over at the Dirtyville Blog.

If you haven't gotten them already, check out the side bar for links to get your copies. Well? What are you waiting for? Make it quick - cuz most of the fun happens when the sun goes down.

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Willsin Rowe said...

Thanks for sharing the luuuuurve, ma'am...