Monday, July 5, 2010

Secrets Revealed...

Ok, so I came in fourth place in round two of Alison Tyler's Project Smutway.  But I haven't been eliminated - I'm still alive.  Congrats to Monocle, who won with the hot and sexy We All Have Our Secrets.  Thanks to everyone who voted for....

Can you tell?

I wonder if you know my secret.

I look into your amused eyes and wonder if you know what I’m thinking.

Do you notice when I shake your hand hello I take a second to stroke your fingers? I’ve always wondered how those long fingers would feel buried deep inside me. The thought makes my pussy damp with need.

When we speak, I wonder how you would sound panting, moaning my name. Would your voice grow deeper with desire? Would it be high, pleading for release? The imagined sound makes my nipples harden with desperation.

When you laugh, your tongue peeking out from between those pink lips, I wonder how well it would swirl around my clit, lapping up my juices before plunging in and out of my wet cunt. My clit throbs, straining against my thong.

When you move behind me, to let another pass us in the hallway, I can feel your hard cock, and I wonder if you’re long enough to hit the right spot, the one guaranteed to make me cum and cry in release and relief. I wonder if you’ll be able to fuck me to satisfaction.

I wonder if you even have a thought that after you go to your office, I’ll have to rush to the ladies room and finger myself until I manage to gush all over my hand with pent up frustration at the wondering I’ve been doing.

Every day, at eight o’clock – I wonder if you know my secret.


Stay tuned for Round Three! 

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