Sunday, February 6, 2011

Writing issues

Ok, well, besides having NO time to write - which is a problem in itself - you ever have SO much you want to say that you can't get it out? Nothing you write seems to have the emotional impact you want?

That's the other problem I am having (the no time to write being the first). I have a whole lot of emotional turmoil going on inside of me right now, and I used to be able to write it out (am thinking, in the words of Ari Gold - Hug it out bitch - but that doesn't help either). But these days, everything I write feels wrong.

I'm one that waxes poetic on my feelings - you can tell. But these ones are difficult to do that with. Which makes me think that these aren't feelings I've ever had before. Because if I HAVE had them before, I would easily be able to turn them into poetry.

It's all I've ever done.

But, no matter what I put on the paper, the words don't seem strong enough. They don't seem right enough. Hell, they don't seem to be enough of ANYTHING. And that, my friends, is frustrating the ever-loving HELL out of me. Because I can't put them on paper (or screen as it were) at all.

I even tried to write them out plain and simple, just as they are. Raw emotions, without pretty words or images, and even THEN it seems like I'm getting it wrong.

My muse seems to be telling me that there's more to this - that it's not close to being finished so there's no point in writing it out.

HOWEVER, that depresses me. Because if that's the case, then it means that this chapter is destined to end, and maybe soon. And if not soon, does it mean I'll never be able to write about it?

I'm not sure I like EITHER of those options. Because right now, if I DON'T get these feelings out - I know I'm going to explode.

And then it'll be up to my bestie Terry to clean up the mess - and I hate leaving her to do that.

Any of you out there have advice for this? Have you gone through something similar? How did you get through it.

I need answers - or help. Help would be very nice. But not professional help. My picture is up in every office like a WANTED poster. They don't want to mess with my kind of drama.

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