Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 already???

WOW - has it really been so long since I've been back?

So sorry. *hanging head in shame*

Life's been a little, complicated, if you will. My personal life is being shaken up like a martini, and my writing has suffered greatly because of it. And I'm so disorganized that it hurts sometimes. I know a few writers who can understand that. I am making more of an effort to be organized though, and hopefully it'll all come together soon enough.

I've done a few submissions, and worked on a few of my WIP's. But mostly, I'm mourning. Not just my father, but my grandfather who passed on January 22. Suddenly, I have more responsbilities and I'm wondering how I'll ever get anything done.

Today is the one year annivesary of my dad's passing. And I'm thinking about where my life is going. And at the moment, it's nowhere. I'm stagnant once again. I have to find a way to move forward. I have all the ambition in the world, until it comes to actually getting it done. My to-do list is ridiculously long. And at the top of it is "get your shit together woman!"  Of course that's been at the top since I graduated high school, all those oh-so-many years ago.

It's not just professionally, it's personally. I have friends who are always asking when we can get together, and it seems like there's never enough time - when in reality it's just a matter of getting my ass in my car and going. I know there's time to do everything - but then we're back to that organizational issue.

But I'm determined to get it done. Somehow, sometime, some way...yeah, all stuff I've said before.

Friends, readers, loved ones - bear with me.

I'll eventually get it right.

And I feel the need to post this for my daddy....

(sorry about the tears)

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