Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Test Drive

I often wonder why people think that night time, before bed, is the best time for sex. Is it because you’re in bed already? Is it because you’re already lying down? Is it because sex makes you sleepy?

I don’t know. I don’t have the answer for that.

I do know that I'm one who enjoys it every hour of the day - well, except mornings to be honest. I love my sleep. A bit more than sex (she said with a blush). So when Alison Tyler put out the call for Morning, Noon and Night, I thought that just after lunch was a perfect time to fuck. You know, you've eaten, you've digested, and just looking for that little nibble to get you through the afternoon. And it gave me the chance to bring out a couple of characters I’d had in developing stages for awhile – since I went out to buy my last car.

I'd stared at the cars in the showroom, in their bright, shiny hues of candy apple red, sunflower gold and snowflake white. I ran my fingers over their smooth surfaces and settled in to test out leather seats and compare them to the more comfortable, but less luxurious standard cloth upholstery. And as I fiddled with buttons, turned knobs and checked out all the fancies, my eyes constantly strayed to the back seat.

I wondered with small smiles. Did the staff take them out to “test” with each other? Or did they find a client that struck their fancy and offer to show them how the car of their choice handled on the road, with a full tour of all the “amenities”? Did the girl behind the reception desk, and the mechanic in the bay shoot longing looks at each other throughout the day, only to be the last ones out of the building at night? Did they close down the shop and fuck on the hoods of the luxury sedans?

I wondered if they had those successful days, where after all the clients had gone home, the ties got loosed and the case of beer, or bottle of scotch came out. And I knew, somewhere deep inside, that at least one of the cars I had driven, had been a mating ground for horny as hell salespeople.

It called to me – so I bought it.

And gave it my own test drive.

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2 horny thoughts:

Jeremy Edwards said...

Great back(seat)story!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I can't wait to read this one! I'm so happy for you!