Monday, February 25, 2013

On Her Command

Hello my hotties and heaux, and welcome to the blog tour for Sudden Sex!

If you'll refer to the above post, you'll notice that Sudden Sex has a fabulous line up of authors, some of whom have generously provided more than one titillating tale.

In appreciation of my fellow scribes, and as a "favour" to the lovely Alison (she had to twist my rubber arm doncha know? hehe), I've chosen three short, sexy and scandalous tales to review, all by the lovely Andrea Dale.

But I thought, in fairness to the rest of the tour, and to Alison who is - as always - juggling about sixty different things, I'm going to present them one at a time. Like the stories themselves, they're minute and to the point.

So, first up on the mound *giggle*, we have the scrum-diddly-umptous tale Come As You Are.

The first line of dialogue says it all. “We’re going to try something new.” And she certainly does.

If we’re lucky, we’ve all been in the submissive role where we’ve been told – don’t touch. Connor is often on the receiving end of those orders. But his Queen has another idea altogether. It doesn’t involve touching at all – at least not with hands.

Do you think you could come on command? Without touching yourself, or having another bring you to the relief you so desperately crave? That is Connor’s assignment.

It's fun and quick, and oh so perfect for those times when you just need a little....sumthin' sumthin'. Andrea is always amazing at delivering what we need when we need it.

And, as always, gives us ideas how to spice up our own boudoirs.

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