Tuesday, March 18, 2014


It's what I feel I'm trapped in these days. Just when I think I've got everything under control ....BOOM! I make a wrong step and everything's back in disarray.

I know that I'm often writing these posts about how disorganized my life is. But it's so true. I guess I keep thinking that if I write about it enough, magically I'll gain the super powers to become super organized. Fat chance of that, but hey! Worth a shot.

So, at this time, work is out of control on both job fronts. At one, I feel like I'm babysitting a bunch of infants, and at the other, it feels like the walls are falling down on top of us, and no matter how hard we try to keep them up, it's no use.

My writing space, which I was so proud of when I got it finished, has become the "pile of clothing" space. And it seems like that pile is never ending, no matter how many times I go through it and put things in their proper place. So it's a little tough to concentrate when a simple glance around the room shows too much left still to do.

I'm attempting (still) a lifestyle change, which means learning how to cook good food, not just getting take out. Plus gym time, not just with the trainer. Finding the energy to get off the highway after work and turn right (to go to the gym) as opposed to turning left (to go home) is exhausting on it's own.

School is another thing altogether. I'm almost finished my certificate program. Just two classes left (I think - I do have to double check that). But the one I'm in now is just - meh. My instructors are great and the other students are nice and we have fun. But I need a great grade to keep up my GPA, and I'm not sure I'm going to get it. O_O

And then there's my writing list to do:
 - I owe Alison Tyler about fifteen reviews (for what I can't remember which is really driving me bat shit)
 - I owe Sommer Marsden about the same amount (GAH!)
 - I have deadlines for calls that I want to sub for, but those keep creeping up on me and then passing me by altogether
 - my own project that I wanted to get off the ground is still lying there, flat, after being run-over by the out of control bus that is my life
 - I'm sure there's a few other authors I owe reviews to. I know my Kindle and iBook apps are full of stuff still to be read - and that's NOT including A Game of Thrones, which, thanks to my brother, I am now addicted to.

AND, the lastest, biggest thing New York City trip in June. Best friend of 33 years and I have been planning this for the last eight months. We're going for our 40th bdays - hers is in June, mine's in July. We planned it for June (her birthday) because that's when the Tony Awards are going to be (and Hugh's hosting again - NOM NOM NOM). And to go to the Tony's would be, well, a dream come true. Both of us had dreams of being on Broadway when we were younger. So I've been planning, and looking at hotels, and stressing over what if we DON'T get the tickets. Because there are very few being sold to the public. They go on sale April 30, and if we don't get them, I'll be so disappointed. We've already booked our flights. I'm spending a whole week down there, she could only get four days- but one of them is her birthday! We've got tickets to see the incredible Idina Menzel and Anthony Rapp in a hot new musical called If/Then.


after we booked the flights, Travel Broadway Across America sends out an email that has a whole Tony weekend package, INCLUDING Tony Award tickets. And wouldn't you know it - we've already booked our flights and I can't get an answer from the BAA people as to whether or not we could possibly make adjustments to the package. Even if we wanted the package, it's only for three nights and I plan on spending the whole week in the Big Apple.

Can you understand why I feel stressed?

ANYWAY, if you've read this far, thank you. I appreciate it. And while you're here, I'm going to direct you to Sommer Marsden's Ninth Writer-versary! A whole month with guest bloggers and prizes to be won! You must comment on the day's blog to win that prize, but every comment puts your name in the fishbowl for a grand prize! And her guests are so crazy and fun, it's been an amazing party. I can guarantee you'll not only find some amazing new authors for your bookshelf, but you'll be immediately adding some of the featured books to your TBR (to be read for those who are new) list. Follow the link to Day one and go from there!

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