Friday, September 18, 2015

YAY - A writing challenge you can see through...

Ms. Tyler, our lovely Alison, issued us a challenge this week, based on a query from the fabulous Nancy.

First, we answered her weekly Trollop With A Question (this is number 74 and they've all been fantastic and thought inducing. Go catch up if you haven't been keeping up.)

This week's question was interesting in and of itself, because it involved an item I've rarely worn, and therefore never had much cause to think about.

How many ways are there to wear sheer stockings?

And after we answered that, she challenged us to write her a flasher on that very subject.

It's been awhile since we've had one of Alison's writing prompts, and I was happy to comply with this.

So, here is my contribution.

Please enjoy. And if you get the chance, take on the challenge yourself.

They constrict around my wrists, the seams creasing my skin with every movement.

This was not what I had in mind when I ordered them from Paris. “The stockings your legs deserve” the tag line read. It sounded better in French, but that was the point.

When I dressed that morning for work, I felt very French, sexy, with my pencil skirt and ruffled blouse. Empowered even, as I brought my boss his coffee.

His eyes trickled, his chin lowered, telling me, without words, what he wanted.

On my knees, naked, my cunt twitches, as the silk tightens further.

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