Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Putting in Overtime

"Hey Angie. Can you stay late tonight?" Her boss Shawn stuck his head in the door to her office. She looked up from her ledger.

"Sure. Is there a problem?" Shawn never usually asked her to stay late. It was usually him and Dave that stayed until close. The rest of the plant got to go home at four, but they stayed until six, sometimes seven, depending on how busy the phones were. He shook his head. "Nope, just need to take Jessica to the doctors. Amy has to take Jake to soccer." She smiled, imagining that he would rather take soccer duty than the doctor's appointment. "Not to worry though. It's just answering calls. Dave will be here too, so you won't be alone." He gave her a knowing grin. She cursed herself silently for ever confiding in him about her crush on Dave. The two of them went way back to high school, so of course, he kept threatening to tell him. She didn't think he would though.

Not like it would matter. Because, while Angie knew she wasn't the ugliest girl on the planet, she knew that she wasn't the type to catch Dave's eye. Plus he was going through a rough time, and he wasn't even looking at her that way.

Angie fixed Shawn with her "school teacher" glare -the one she learned off her mom. "Yeah, well, whatever." Shawn laughed and went back to his desk. She shook her head. Whatever? That was the best come back she could come up with? She sighed, and went back to her ledger, where she quickly got caught up in the checks and balances.

So much so, that she didn't see her IM window pop up. When she finally glanced at her computer screen, she saw the message from Dave. All it said was SMILE. She looked at the clock. No wonder her stomach was gurgling - she almost worked through lunch. Closing the ledger, she pushed away from her desk and headed to the back, running smack into Dave. Her heels (Manolo Blahnik knock off's no less) slid on the tile and he grabbed her to keep her from falling. It was the first time he'd actually touched her. Her heart started racing, and she was almost positive he could feel it. He smiled slowly at her.

"Whoah." He held her briefly before setting her right on her feet. He glanced down. "Those are some nice heels you got there." His gaze travelled slowly up her body, before resting on her cleveage. "And the rest is looking pretty good too." He looked into her eyes, smiled and stepped aside so she could pass. When she was certain that the door was closed behind her, she sat down hard on one of the chairs around the table. Her heart was pounding out of her chest and she suddenly felt very hot and wet between her thighs. The tiny scrap of material that was posing as her thong wasn't going to do her any good today. As if proving her thoughts right, as she stood up she glanced at the seat of the chair. A thin strip of moisture was left behind, right where her thong connected with the vinyl.

She got her soup, nuked it, and decided to take lunch at her desk. Her email needed checking anyway. Plus, she had to pass Dave's desk on the way back to her office. It was a pretty sweet set up. She was the only one that had her own office, besides the boss that is. As Angie walked by Dave, she reached out and rubbed his bald head. Without looking back, she added an extra swing to her hips. She could feel his eyes on her, and managed to get back behind her desk wtihout any other mishaps.

Her eyes bulged at the contents of her inbox. Fourty five new messages!! Wow, her friends were busy. As she sipped her soup, she managed to return messages to about half of them. The rest were forwards and chain letters. Then a name popped out at her. Dave Nelson? She stood up to peer around the door at him. She didn't realize he had her personal account address. Brimming full of curiosity, she opened it. All it said was LATER. She was puzzled. But rather than ask him about it, she just deleted it. It was probably the punchline to a joke she forgot.

"Angie? Got any chocolate?" Shawn's head popped around her door frame, startling her, and causing her to spill what was left of her soup all down her hoodie. "Aw for shit's sake Shawn. Yes, take it." She threw the ziploc bag of chocolate hearts at him, and removed her sweater quickly before it soaked through to the thin spaghetti strap tank top she had underneath. She ran it to the bathroom and ran it under cold water. Fortunately, the hoodie was black, so it wouldn't stain, but now she had a problem - she was freezing.

She hung it on the back of the door, and walked out with her arms around herself. Dave glanced at the washroom, and noted her lack of sweater. He put two and two together. "Cold Angie?" She nodded, and went to stand in front of the gas fireplace they had in the corner outside her office door. As she prayed for warmth, she felt something settle around her shoulders. She glanced down to see that Dave had put his jacket around her shoulders. She slipped her arms in to the sleeves and closed it around her chest, before he could notice her perky nipples. "Thanks." She winced internally, as she realized that she sounded like a bad Marilyn Monroe imitation. His hands lingered briefly on her shoulders, and then she heard his footsteps retreating. Angie rushed back to her desk, feeling better once she sat down. At least the chair was a solid base. Her legs had just turned to jello at his touch.

Angie spent the rest of her lunch chatting online with her friends and listening to her music. Her IM window popped open again.

R U WARM NOW? he wanted to know. Her hands had a life of their own as she responded IN MORE WAYS THAN YOU KNOW. She could have slapped herself. WHY WHY WHY was she doing this? It popped open again.


Angie groaned and buried her head in her arms. "I am SO stupid..."

Alternating between her work and daydreaming about Dave, she didn't notice the hours flying by. Before she knew it, it was three thiry, and Shawn was waving at her from the doorway.

As she waved back, her heart skipped a beat. She was about to be alone in the office with Dave, and in about half an hour, she was about to be very alone with him when the building emptied out. She repeated to herself that it didn't matter - Dave didn't look at her in that way. He was just a flirt. She could keep this on a business level. She caressed the jacket, feeling its soft plaid material, inhaling the scent of his cologne, and a hint of smoke. She revelled in this brief connection. Sure, she could keep it on a business level.....

She drained her brain, not wanting to think of him, not wanting to feel the primal need inside her that just wanted to press her lips to his, coaxing him into submission with her tongue. She didn't want to imagine what those lips would feel like on hers, what his hands could do to her body....

She figured her hoodie had to be dry by now, so she went to the bathroom to check (ok, and to freshen up - lipstick, perfume, mascara....). Yep, it was dry. As reluctant as she was to give his jacket back, she knew that she had to. She shrugged into her sweater, and zipped it a quarter of the way up, just enough to keep it from falling off - she noted that one of these days she was going to have to start buying sweaters that were smaller. Holding the jacket close one last time, she exited the bathroom, and noted that Dave wasn't at his desk. She placed it on the back of his chair, and went into her office, where, for the second time that day, she ran smack into Dave.

Once again, he held her to keep her from falling. Only, this time, his arms went around her. "Um, thanks." Her face was on fire, as she stepped back to let him leave. She felt her hoodie sliding off of one shoulder, leaving the strap from her tank and her shoulder exposed. She left him plenty of room in the doorway to pass her by, but he brushed by her, like there was no space. Her breath caught in her throat. She slowly turned to walk to her desk, when Dave spoke.

"So why are you acting like there's nothing here?" She stopped in her tracks and turned around. "Wha...what are you talking about?" He walked towards her, his steps deliberate. She backed up, fully aware that there was no where for her to go. She felt her back hit the wall. Gathering her courage, she looked him in the eye. Big mistake. She didn't notice his hand come up to her shoulder, so she was startled when she felt a finger trace down her strap. He hooked under it and ever so slowly pulled it down off her shoulder. "Come on Angie. You want me. I know you do."

She bit the inside of her lip, and silently cursed out Shawn for opening his mouth. As if reading her mind, he looked amused. "Shawn didn't say anything either." Angie was quick to jump on that. "Well, if Shawn didn't say anything, how would you know to say that he didn't say anything?" she challenged. "Well, it was obvious that you two had a secret, and it had nothing to do with each other. Besides, everytime I checked you out, Shawn just laughed. When I asked why, he never would say. Combine that with the cute little outfits you've been wearing, and the 'come fuck me' perfume, I put it all together myself."

"Oh." Angie's ire slowly ebbed out of her, and she was left with nothing but pure, unadulterated lust and longing. Dave's hand was still caressing her bare shoulder, lightly, which was causing her goosebumps to have goosebumps. His head dipped to her ear, and whispered in the most seductive tone she'd ever heard "I want you. And I know you want me." He took her earlobe between his lips and sucked on it. She went weak. His lips trailed down her neck to her shoulder, and down to the curve of her breast. He pulled away. "So what do we do about it?" Angie couldn't take those piercing eyes seeing right through her. She felt cornered, and began searching for an escape. Fortunately, Dave's extension rang. "You'd better get that." He backed away from her slowly.

"This isn't over Angie." He got to his desk and picked up the ringing phone. Angie rushed to her desk and pulled herself in, creating a 2 foot solid oak barried between them. She hurridly buried her nose in the monthly A/R reports. When he entered her office again, she was certain that he'd stay on his side of the desk. So she was unprepared for the rear assault. He placed his hands on her shoulders, slowly massaging her muscles.

"You're so tense." he murmured. Angie's eyes closed. His hands felt so good - almost as good as Phil's. She sighed, and he took that as a sign. Slowly, he spun her chair around so she was facing him. She sank back in the chair, legs splayed in front of her, skirt hiked a little high, and looked up at him through heavily lidded eyes. Placing his hand on the back of her chair, he used his other hand to tip her chin up. No words were needed as Angie's heart rate doubled and her eyes closed again.

Dave's pulse raced as he claimed her lips in the sweetest kiss he'd had in a long time. He deepened the kiss, claiming her mouth, his hand moving from the top of the chair to the back of her neck, drawing her closer. His hand touched her bare thigh, and she shivered. His groin shot right to attention.

Angie thought she'd died and gone to heaven. His lips felt as good as she thought they would. And boy could he kiss! Angie's whole life, she'd loved kissing more than anything else. It was the ultimate form of foreplay. A guy could be taught how to lick a woman's pussy, but you can't teach someone how to kiss - they either know how or they don't. And Dave definately knew how. Judging from his tongue action, he'd be damn good at eating her out too.

Dave heard a moan coming from the back of her throat, and her legs opened more. He wondered if she was on the same page as he was. He knew she wasn't wearing stockings, and he knew from paying close attention to her wardrobe that she only wore thongs. His hand slid further up her thigh, and came briefly into contact with a scrap of cotton. She broke the kiss.

"We can't..." she fought to catch her breath. "We can't do this now." He was perplexed. "Why not?" She glanced at the clock. It was only five to four. "Because, " she struggled to her feet, "in about five minutes there will be about fourty guys walking either through this office, out that front door, or past those windows. Do you really want an audience?" As she adjusted, he watched her braless tits jiggle, and felt himself go hard again. She turned her back to him to bend over her mouse to click the flashing icon on her computer, and his hand brushed up against her bare cheeks. She gazed at him over her shoulder, and gave him a coy little smile. She straightened up and pointed to the door "Now go."

He went out the door as directed, but pointed out to her "We're not finished." She winked at him, and said in a husky voice "No, we're not."

Dave had difficulty sitting at his desk with his cock poking him in the stomach, so he stood up to walk around for a bit. The building couldn't empty fast enough as far as he was concerned. In her office, Angie was taking inventory, muttering to herself "I can't believe this is happening. Don't freeze up - don't forget the condom." Freeze up? She laughed at herself. As if that could happen. Dave's touch virtually turned her insides to molten lava.

She began waving to the guys as they walked out. Her thighs were slick with her longing, and her pussy was aching for Dave. She began walking out of her office, taking her time when she passed Dave’s desk. Then she changed direction. Instead of the lunch room, where she was headed, she went to the front door and locked it. THEN she turned around and headed to the lunch room. Making sure the back door was locked, she watched from the window as the last car pulled out of the driveway. She closed the blinds, just as the door was pushed open with such force that it almost came off its hinges.

Dave headed straight for her, lust in his eyes, and, judging from the bulge in his pants, there too. He caught her face in his hands and began kissing her again, but this time she was ready. She clutched at his shirt, pulling him across the room to the sofa that sat along one wall. She pushed him onto it and straddled him. Her wet slit rubbed against his zipper, sending incredible sensations through her. She dove into his neck, nibbling and licking, and started on his ear.

His hands ripped at her tank top, snapping one of the straps, and freeing those beautiful tits from their cage. His hand cupped her left one and brought the hard nipple to his mouth. As he closed around it, she cried out, and as he sucked on it, she went tense. He’d been with enough women to know the signs. She was about to cum, and only from him sucking her nipple. He continued, his left hand reaching under her skirt to the front of her thong. His thumb slipped under it to find smooth flesh, and as he traveled down, came across what he was looking for. His thumb skipped across her clit a few times, before settling in one spot and gently rubbing.

She threw her head back, and started gasping, “Oh my god Dave. Please, oh my god…”

Her hands drew his head in tighter, so pretty soon her whole breast felt like it was in his mouth, but he still concentrated on that nipple. He felt her shudder as she let out a primal scream. He stopped to watch her cum. Her eyes got wide, and her lips shone. She slumped for a moment, and then proceeded to climb off him.

Uh oh – Dave wondered what he had done. Until he realized that she was stripping down. Hastily, he did the same, taking his shirt off and unbuttoning his jeans. She turned to him, topless, but still in her skirt and heels. She sat on the couch, and motioned for him to stand in front of her. She finished removing his jeans, and then, reached for his cock.

Dave gasped as she took him in hand. Angie smiled. It was just like she had imagined. She stroked him once or twice, just enjoying watching his reactions. Then she leaned in. Her breath caressed the head, and her tongue flicked out over it.

Just when Dave thought it couldn’t get any better, she took him all in. Her mouth enveloped his shaft and he had to bite his lip to keep himself from groaning in pleasure. He looked down at her head of curls bobbing on his cock, and smiled to himself. How long had he dreamt about this? Probably ever since she started. He noticed those full lips and big brown eyes that stared holes through him, and had always wondered what they would feel like wrapped around him. And now he knew, and they felt just as good as he thought. Her hand grasped the base of his shaft and followed the flow of her mouth, applying pressure, and increasing his sensations. She concentrated on bathing his cock with her tongue each time he filled her mouth, loving the feeling of it sliding back and forth, so strong and smooth. His knees almost buckled under the intensity of it. She sure knew what she was doing.

Angie thought she’d died. She had such a surreal feeling. His cock was huge and hard, and she was enjoying it. Her right hand reached under her skirt and shoved her thong aside. She started rolling her clit between her fingers, and pulling on it. She started moaning against his cock, and he glanced down to see why. He almost blew his load when he saw her fingering herself. Although it almost killed him, he pulled out of her mouth, and fell onto her, kissing her hard, smashing his mouth to hers, more turned on than he had been in a long time. He felt her hand move as she tried to remove it from her pussy. “No. Keep going.” His voice was dark and dangerous, and Angie didn’t even question it.

He kept kissing her as she continued to finger herself. “Cum for me Angie. Make yourself cum for me.” He bent his head to her breast, remembering what had happened earlier, and this time, she couldn’t stop herself from crying out. Her fingers worked her clit furiously, desperate to cum again. Dave nibbled her nipple, stroking himself. Not that he needed the help, he just felt like he needed to be doing something with that hand. As she shuddered, he felt her body clench, and he knew she was cumming again.

He made his way from her chest down to her belly button, before tossing up her skirt, removing her thong and parting her thighs. He grinned at the lust he saw in her eyes, and watched her face as he slowly parted her lips with his thumbs. She closed her eyes and her head fell back as he found her clit and began massaging it with his thumb. "Oh Dave." she whispered. "Please...." her voice trailed off.

"Please what Angie? What would you like me to do to you?" He didn't even recognize his own voice. She gasped as he inserted two fingers into her wetness. "I want you to eat me. I want you to lick my pussy until I cum again."

"Like this?" His voice was barely audible to Angie. Her blood was pounding in her ears. All she felt was his breath on her mound, and then the tip of his tongue following the moist trail of her slit. As he licked the inside of each lip, and then proceeded to take both in his mouth and suck them, she thought she would go insane.

Dave watched her thrash back and forth. He silently chuckled to himself, enjoying the torture. After all, in her short skirts and high heels, she'd been torturing him for weeks. Payback was a bitch. He gave a quick lick of her clit, and plunged his tongue into her hole, fucking her with it, the action after a few minutes, causing another strangled scream to come from her. In the midst of her orgasm, he fixated on her clit, taking the hard bud into his mouth, nibbling it with his teeth and then sucking on it hard, just like he had with her nipple.

Angie couldn't believe it. Ok, yep. She was right. He was fucking amazing at this. Just as one orgasm subsided, another wave attacked and by the time he was finished, the sofa was drenched with her cum.

He drew back from her, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and standing over her with a raging hard on. Her breathing was shallow, as if she’d run a marathon. She opened her eyes, and looked at his gorgeous cock jutting out from his body. “Ok big boy. You had your fun – now it’s my turn.” Her voice went husky. “How do you usually fuck?” He started in surprise. He’d never been asked that before. “Welllll,” he responded slowly, “I’m used to girls wanting me to do all the work.” She rose from the sofa and sauntered towards him, still in just her skirt and heels. “Oh, poor baby.” Her voice was mocking, and yet, very soothing. She got right in his face, and traced a line down his chest with her nail. “Well, this woman wants to do her share too.” She pushed him into a chair, and straddled him once again. Only, this time, with no jeans on, there was no barrier between his hard cock and her hot cunt. She could feel his the length of him against her bare pussy and just imagined how good it would feel inside of her. She reached into the barely noticeable pocket on her skirt, and pulled out the condom. She tore into it with her teeth, and before he could blink, had it on him.

“Do this often?” he asked, half jokingly. “Well,” she mused, rising on her knees. “a girl’s gotta protect herself.” And with that said, she impaled herself on his dick, moaning in satisfaction as all 8” were buried into her. Dave gasped. “Oh girl, you feel so good….” His voice trailed off as she began moving herself slowly up and down his rod. His hands found her breasts again, and he began massaging them in time to her rhythm. Her nipples stood up against her skin, begging, once again, to be touched, sucked, anything. He obliged by pinching them, rolling them between his fingers and leaning in to flick his tongue across their surface. Angie’s hands were on his shoulders, helping to keep her balance as she rode up and down his cock like a woman possessed.

Angie loved the feel of his hardness inside of her. She was so wet, she could barely stay on him. She had known he’d be good, but she never dreamed she’d get the chance to find out. With her skirt still on, she would get a breeze on her hot mound every so often, and it just made the experience more erotic. She opened her eyes and looked at Dave’s face. His eyes were closed and he had an expression of pure bliss. She stopped riding, and just sat there, her hole just enveloping his head. She flexed her muscles, and made his jump. She did it three more times in rapid succession. He opened his eyes.

”Girl,” he said in a lazy drawl, “if you keep that up, this cowboy ain’t gonna last long.” She glanced at the clock. "Well, we still have an hour before we officially have to close shop. And then," she flexed again, and leaned forward to nip at his lips "there's overtime." Then, without warning, she plunged downwards, enveloping him in her hot pussy once again, and just sat there. When the sensations subsided, she began running her hands over his chest, pulling at his nipples, and lighting running her nails down to his pelvic area. His eyes followed, as she ran her nails up her smooth pussy, stopping briefly to pinch her clit. She snapped her pelvis forward, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone, and causing him to gasp.

Repeating the action, her hands made their way to her swinging brests and she began massaging them in slow circles. Her tongue slowly licked her bottom lip and she brought her left nipple to his lips. Dave opened his mouth, and she stuck it in. As he had before, he suckled it like a newborn wanting milk. Angie couldn't move. The combination of Dave's suction and his cock in her was too much. Dave noticed her sudden complacency, and decided to take control.

He stopped sucking, and picked her up off his lap. Lifting her up and over his shoulder, he carried her out of the lunchroom to his desk, where she was relieved to see that the blinds were closed. He lay her back on it, pulled her ass to the edge, and entered her. He was teasing her, going agonizingly slow, causing her to writh in impatience. Dave chuckled. This was amazing. His balls hit her ass as he entered her fully. She moaned. He started going in long, full strokes, making sure that she got every inch of him. Her hands looked for something to hold onto and he was instantly glad that he'd cleaned off his desk before going into the lunch room. Finding nothing, she clutched at the edge of the desk.

"" Each syllable out of her mouth was punctuated by a thrust. Her body tensed again, which, by now, he was able to tell, meant she was cumming - AGAIN. He grinned. This was doing his ego so much good, and he could tell she was really enjoying herself too. On the verge of cumming himself, he stopped fucking her. She lay there for a second, panting and shaking. She struggled to prop herself up on her elbows. But before she could get too comfortable, he pulled her down. "Oh no honey. We're not done yet." Turning her back to him, he pulled her against his chest. His hands went to her breasts, which were full and heavy and heaving after the fucking she'd just gotten. She sighed, and leaned her head back. He grabbed a handful of hair, and pulled her head to one side. Her neck was exposed, and he sunk his teeth into the soft flesh, not enough to break the skin, but enough to tease her. Keeping his hold on her, he bent her slowly from the waist down, so her ass was showing and her fuck hole was at the perfect level. He gave silent thanks that she wore heels today, or it wouldn't

"I've dreamt of fucking you like this." He released her hair, and raked his fingers down her back, causing her to arch and cry out. His hands grasped her hips, and lining up his cock with that sweet cunt, said in strangled tones "I'm not taking my time on this one. You're REALLY going to be fucked now." She glanced over her shoulder, brushed her hair out of her eyes, and whispered "Bring it."

That was all the encouragement he needed. He thrust into her like a man possessed. Angie bucked back against him, feeling all of him and still wanting more. They rocked into a fast paced rhythm, savage and unforgiving - just two people crazed with lust. Dave's balls ached to cum, and Angie's legs were ready to give out. The fact that they hadn't permanently turned to jello was a miracle.

He clutched at her hips, and started panting in rhythm with her. Angie could tell he was ready to cum, so she stopped, and flexed her pussy. With a loud groan, he shot his wad into the condom. While she was glad she had it, Angie was disappointed. She really wanted to feel him cum inside her - it had been something she dreamt about for awhile. Dave collapsed onto her back, and the two of them just stood that way for a moment.

He slowly stood up, and helped her straighten out. He took her face in his hands and kissed her. "WOW." was all Angie could say. Dave collapsed into his chair, pulling Angie onto his lap. "Well, now that we've got that out of the way, think this thing will go away?" Angie looked him in the eye and giggled.

"Not on your life pal. Only, next time, maybe your place?" She stood up, kissed him again, and sauntered off to the bathroom, tits bouncing and ass swinging away. As Dave removed the condom, he looked up at the new security camera that had been installed last week, and smiled. No one had told Angie about the six cameras that were located in the lunchroom, the order area and Shawn's office, and no one was going to either. After disposing of the condom, he quickly scribbled something on a piece of paper and held it up for the camera to see.


©Miz Angell March 2007

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